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Press Releases

November 4, 2014

Sharp Debuts Industry-First*1 Infrared Color Night-Vision Security
Camera that Captures Color Video in Total Darkness (Zero Lux)

Sharp LZ0P420A Infrared Color Night-Vision Camera

Sharp Corporation has developed the industry's first infrared color night-vision camera capable of capturing color video in pitch-dark (zero lux) environments. The new infrared color night-vision camera will be marketed to corporate customers such as security camerasystem manufacturers*2.

This new camera is equipped with an infrared color night-vision CCD*3 developed jointly by Sharp and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). It uses near-infrared light for illumination to enable color images to be captured in total darkness (zero lux)—a first for the industry.

In addition, this infrared color night-vision camera takes high-definition images (at 1280 × 720-pixel resolution) with smooth video capture at 30 frames per second. Its single-sensor system uses a single CCD chip, enabling a more compact camera size. Further, this camera is also compatible with standard HD-SDI*4 output, making it an easy replacement for existing camera systems.

The infrared color night-vision camera allows users to capture video with a high level of visual recognition at any hour of the day or night. Beyond deployment in conventional anti-theft cameras, it will find use in a broad range of applications, for example, in monitoring patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Product name Infrared color night-vision camera
Model number LZ0P420A
Start of sales November 28, 2014
Monthly production 4,000 units

Major Features

  • 1. Industry's first infrared color night-vision camera capable of capturing smooth high-definition color video in dark environments (zero lux).
  • 2. Enables a more compact camera size, owing to the use of a single-sensor system based on a single CCD chip.
  • 3. Supports standard HD-SDI output, making it easy to install in existing camera systems.
  • *1 As of November 4, 2014; for infrared color night-vision cameras using a single-sensor (one-chip CCD) system supporting HD 720 (1280 × 720 pixels) and 30 fps video capture. Based on Sharp research.
  • *2 This camera will be sold through Nanolux Japan, Inc., who will act as a distributor. This company is engaged in the development and sale of color night-vision photography technologies and products under a business service agreement with Nanolux Co., Ltd., a related company founded as an AIST venture project.
  • *3 This camera's night-vision image sensor (CCD) is based on color night-vision technology developed by AIST (announced by AIST on February 8, 2011 and December 3, 2012). The image sensor (CCD) was developed jointly by Sharp Corporation and AIST (announced by AIST on May 14, 2014).
  • *4 High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) is a broadcast signal standard that specifies support for high-definition video.

This infrared color night-vision camera was selected by US journalists for an innovation award in the Digital Imaging category at CEATEC 2014.


Model number LZ0P420A
Imaging sensor 1/3-inch, 1.3-megapixel infrared color night-vision CCD image sensor
Scanning method Progressive scan
Video performance 720p at 30 fps
Angle of view 96° H × 69° V to 31° H × 23° V
Video output format HD-SDI; analog (NTSC/PAL)
Power supply voltage 12 V DC
Near-infrared light source Integrated
Dimensions 83 mm-dia. × 180 mm L (approx. 970 cc)
Weight Approx. 940 g

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