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Press Releases

February 24, 2015

Sharp Touch-Panel System*1 Receives
Demonstration Session Award*2 at ISSCC 2015*3

During the ISSCC 2015 International Conference on Semiconductor Technologies, Sharp Corporation received an ISSCC 2014 Demonstration Session Certificate of Recognition for a touch-panel system the company demonstrated at last year's conference. ISSCC awards are given to selected papers in recognition of outstanding achievements in technology and research.

In December 2012, Sharp developed a touch-panel system that employs a unique parallel drive method*4 for detecting and processing multi-point input. By modifying the controller IC software that processes input signals for the system, Sharp achieved an S/N ratio*5 approximately eight times*6 higher than that exhibited by widely used sequential drive methods.

During ISSCC 2014, Sharp used a 70-inch display to demonstrate operation of this system using a touch pen with a one-millimeter tip. The company demonstrated the system's ability to support simultaneous multi-point input while preventing unwanted hand input during pen operation. Sharp's winning of the ISSCC award reflects the positive evaluations it received for enabling smooth and comfortable handwriting input on a large display.

Sharp will actively promote the touch-panel system for use in a wide variety of application areas, including in smartphones, tablet devices, interactive whiteboards, and digital signage. In so doing, Sharp will contribute to the widespread diffusion of high-sensitivity touch-panel displays.

Award Received

  • ISSCC 2014 Demonstration Session Certificate of Recognition

Awarded Presentation

  • "A 240 Hz Reporting-Rate 143 x 81 Mutual-Capacitance Touch-Sensing Analog Front-End IC with 37 dB SNR for 1 mm-Diameter Stylus"

ISSCC 2015

・Venue: San Francisco, USA
・Duration: February 22 (Sunday) to 26 (Thursday)
  • *1 This system enables touch operation when installed on liquid crystal displays, etc. It is comprised of a sensor sheet that detects touch input and a controller IC that controls the sensors.
  • *2 ISSCC 2014 Demonstration Session Certificate of Recognition.
  • *3 The International Solid-State Circuit Conference is the world's largest international conference on semiconductor technologies and integrated circuits.
  • *4 Sharp's unique method for simultaneously driving the processes of multiple touch sensors. Realizes high-sensitivity performance (S/N rate) compared to standard sequential drive methods that detect sensors line by line. (Announced by Sharp on December 10, 2012.)
  • *5 Signal-to-noise ratio is a sensitivity indicator. Larger values indicate lower noise and higher sensitivity.
  • *6 Using a 20-inch display installed with the system.

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