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July 9, 2019

Sharp Corporation

4 MW-dc output will reduce electricity spending

Sharp Installs Solar Power System on Rooftop of Yokohama Rubber*1 Tire Factory
in the Philippines

Yokohama Rubber tire factory

Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)*2 has installed a solar power system on the rooftop of a production plant*3 run by the production and sales subsidiary of the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. in Pampanga Province, the Philippines.

The solar power system has an output of approximately 4 MW-dc. The generated electricity will be used within the tire factory, allowing the factory to reduce the amount of electricity it purchases from the grid. The tire factory’s environmental policy covers items such as the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which are the cause of global warming. The solar power system was installed as part of this policy. The estimated annual power generation capacity is approximately 5,363 MWh. This is equivalent to a reduction in greenhouse gases of roughly 2,858 t-CO2/year.

This project was implemented after selection as one of the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Model Project*4, financially supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. Sharp remains committed to spreading the use of renewable energy around the world.



(module capacity)

Annual power generation capacity (estimate)

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction


Installation and start of operation

Tire factory, the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (Pampanga Province, the Philippines)


4 MW-dc

Approx. 5,363 MWh/year

Approx. 2,858
2/year (equivalent)

July 4, 2019

*1 The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. manufactures tires, industrial products, sporting equipment, and other items.
Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masataka Yamaishi

*2 SESJ is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation that specialises in energy solutions such as the sale of PV systems and the installation of electrical equipment.
Headquarters: Yao, Osaka Prefecture; President: Hiroshi Sasaoka

*3 A tire factory operated by Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc., a tire manufacturing and sales subsidiary of the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Pampanga Province, the Philippines; President: Hitoshi Kobayashi

*4 Ministry of the Environment, Japan has been implementing the “JCM Model Projects,” which provides financial supports covering up to half of the initial investment costs. The purpose of this model projects is to financially support the implementation of projects which reduce GHG emissions by utilizing leading low carbon technologies in developing countries, and in return, to acquire JCM credits for achievement of Japan’s GHG emission reduction and the partner countries emission reduction target.

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