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October 5, 2020

Sharp on Show at CEATEC 2020 Online

Featuring Sharp's Solutions for the New Normal

Concept renderings of Online Booth*1

Sharp Corporation will be exhibiting at CEATEC 2020 Online to be held via the Internet from October 20 to 23 (Tuesday to Friday).

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year's CEATEC will be held online. Under the theme of “Sharp's Solutions for the New Normal,” we will introduce initiatives in three categories: New Normal Solutions, Core Technologies and Devices to Support the New Normal, and Digital Community Development in the New Normal Era.

In addition to seeing how Sharp's vision of “Changing the world with 8K+5G and AIoT*2” will enable smart life scenarios and the transformation of business settings, online visitors can experience Sharp's solutions in support of businesses such as health and wellbeing, medical treatment, and long-term care.

Note also that items that could not be presented on the CEATEC 2020 Online exhibition channel will be introduced in the e-Showroom on our website <>. We encourage you to take a look.

Location of Sharp Booth: Corporate Area

Exhibition theme: Sharp's Solutions for the New Normal

Exhibit contents:

1. New Normal Solutions

2. Core Technologies and Devices to Support the New Normal

3. Digital Community Development in the New Normal Era

*1 Some designs, etc., are under development and may differ from the final design.

*2 AIoT is a word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things). AIoT is a vision of how products and services will connect to artificial intelligence via the cloud and become a people-oriented existence. AIoT is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

Exhibit Highlights

1. New Normal Solutions

● Big data

• Examples of collaborations with other companies based on our AIoT Platform and COCORO + Service; COCORO HOME Service that utilizes lifestyle data gleaned from Sharp smart life home appliances via COCORO AIR, COCORO KITCHEN, and COCORO WASH services.

• AIoT LINC, a support service for building a smart life that makes use of lifestyle data from IoT devices to generate the various services necessary for realizing a smart life.

● Healthcare

• Smart Hearable, a solution now being developed by Sharp. Our goal is to achieve more comfortable communication by using cloud-based AI to analyze sound from a person's surroundings gathered by a device worn on the ear as well as location data acquired via smartphone, and generating a voice that matches the surrounding environment and user preferences.

● Entertainment

• Sharp's 120-inch 8K LCD monitor, one of the world's largest*3, which allows innovative ways to use displays thanks to its super-large screen and impressive rendering capability. A 60-inch 4K LCD monitor that delivers a 120-inch 8K-equivalent multi-display by combining four units (2 vertical x 2 horizontal).

In addition, we will present an 8K Interactive Museum that allows new ways of appreciating works of art and the like and an 8K video PC editing system from Dynabook Inc. Through an “ecosystem” covering everything from shooting to display, Sharp is offering new ways of enjoying 8K ultra-high image quality.

● Work styles, lifestyles

• COCORO OFFICE smart office service, TeleOffice cloud-based Web conferencing service, and a 70-inch 4K touchscreen LCD monitor that has gained Windows Collaboration Display certification by meeting interactive whiteboard standards. Sharp will offer a variety of solutions to support telework and improve operational efficiency.

• LINC Biz, a business communication service that, in addition to featuring a business chat function, enables document and file sharing, and voice and video conferencing.

● Distribution, retail

• LINC Biz Mobility, a telematics service that provides GPS modules, LTE mobile communications, and terminal management cloud services as a single package to support building dynamic management solutions.

2. Core Technologies and Devices to Support the New Normal

● Non-contact/remote communications

• Telework-related solutions that provide one-stop support for PCs, licenses, cloud services, and operational support required for telework.

● Devices and technologies (AI, communications [5G], security)

• As a non-contact healthcare solution, we will present a non-contact vital sensing solution that can measure multiple vital parameters simultaneously without contact, including pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

• A remote response solution that allows facility staff to respond to facility users in a contact-free manner at medical care facilities and welfare institutions.

● Devices and technologies (electronic components, devices)

• A transparent display that uses a highly translucent LCD panel and works as a partition capable of displaying information. Sharp will propose new lifestyles and new experiences in this era of coexisting with the coronavirus, including using this technology in a variety of settings such as offices and reception counters at airports and hospitals.

3. Digital Community Development in the New Normal Era

● Technologies and services for smart cities and achieving the SDGs

COCORO ENERGY, Sharp's cloud-based HEMS service, utilizes AI to automatically and intelligently control residential solar power systems and storage batteries. It allows new lifestyles in which consumers efficiently use the electricity generated themselves. In addition, even in the event of a long-term power outage due to a disaster or when having to stay home during a disaster*4 (a scenario that has recently been drawing attention), a variety of home appliances can be used with the generated and stored electricity, enabling the comfort of one's home to be maintained.

*3 As of as of October 5, 2020; for a display comprising a single 8K LCD panel; based on Sharp research.

*4 To stay home during a disaster instead of going to an evacuation shelter, provided you have secured the safety of family members and the house.

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