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April 28, 2021

4 Sharp Products Win iF Design Award 2021

Theater Bar System, front-loading washer-dryer, humidifying air purifier, and 4-door refrigerator

Sharp Corporation is proud to announce that four of its products have each won a iF Design Award 2021. The four products are the 8A-C22CX1 Theater Bar System, the K-Pro front-loading washer-dryer, the KIL Series humidifying air purifier, and the DF-F Series four-door refrigerator.

Launched in 1953, the iF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious product design awards. It is organized by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, an international group based in Hannover, Germany that promotes outstanding design. For 2021, the iF Design Award recognized outstanding design in nine disciplines*1 and drew nearly 10,000 entries—a record high—from 52 countries. The entries were judged based on five main criteria: form, idea, function, differentiation, and impact.

The four award-winning products from Sharp were designed under a concept of bringing cleanliness, peace of mind, and comfort to people’s lives. They won in the Product discipline, which covers a wide range of physical products including consumer electronics, vehicles, clothing, furniture, and medical equipment.

Sharp remains committed to designing products that are appealing and easy to use—products that bring happiness to people’s lives.

*1 The nine disciplines are Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, Service Design, Architecture, UX (User Experience), and UI (User Interface).

Highlights of the Award-winning Products

• 8A-C22CX1 Theater Bar System

This soundbar is the first of its kind in the industry*2 to support 22.2-channel audio input of MPEG-4 AAC, the audio format for 8K broadcasts. Users get high-quality audio that makes full use of 22.2-channel audio signals. It’s the ideal match for the superb visual quality of ultra-high-definition 8K images.

The soundbar uses the new OPSODIS*3 technology. Even with a simple set-up of a front speaker and sub-woofer, users can experience fully enveloping, realistic 3D surround sound. The round design of the front speaker evokes 3D sound and makes for a pleasant accent in the living room.

*2 As of April 28, 2021, based on Sharp survey, for theater bar systems/soundbars that connect to televisions.

*3 OPSODIS is a 3D sound reproduction technology jointly developed by the Kajima Technical Research Institute of Kajima Corporation and the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton.

• K-Pro Front-loading Washer-Dryer

This washer-dryer is equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology and a steam function to support a cleaner and more comfortable lifestyle. The control interface is a flat, smooth panel that is easy to clean and use, and keys on the panel light up to help users select the function they want. The product’s attractive design features a seamless combination of contrasting materials—a glass semi-transparent mirror interface for the control panel and a matte finish for the main unit.

• KIL Series Humidifying Air Purifier

Working with Sharp’s unique COCORO AIR*4 AIoT cloud service, this air purifier/humidifier analyzes the air inside and outside the room and adapts accordingly*5. The product has a smooth exterior, with an air outlet designed to keep interior components hidden from view. It’s a design that promotes a sense of clean airflow.

*4 To use COCORO AIR, you need a wireless LAN connection and a wireless access point.

*5 This function may not be available in some areas.

See more: (Indonesian model)

• DF-F Series Four-door Refrigerator (for markets outside Japan)

This refrigerator caters to today’s diverse Asian food cultures, with features such as a wide vegetable compartment, a soft-freezing compartment, and a deep-freezing compartment for long-term storage. The product has a clean form factor with minimal protruding parts and a dark metallic matte exterior, offering a chic, stylish appearance. The door handles are made of durable aluminum that’s pleasant to the touch. A curved surface next to the handles allows for easier gripping. These elements give a reassuring feeling of reliability.

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