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May 31, 2021

Sharp to Install Large-scale Solar Power System on
Rooftop of Major Tire Plant in Thailand

Approx. 4.99 MW-dc output contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Completed solar power system (image)

Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)*1 will be installing a roof-mounted solar power system at a plant of one of Thailand's major tire manufacturers, the Deestone Group*2. With an output of approximately 4.99 MW-dc, it will be one of the largest capacity*3 plant rooftop solar power installations that SESJ has built in Thailand.

The new solar power system will be installed on the rooftop of a passenger vehicle tire plant of Svizz-One Corporation Ltd.*4, a manufacturing base of the Deestone Group located in Nakhon Pathom Province, central Thailand. SESJ will handle the engineering, procurement, and construction of the system. Completion and start of operations are scheduled for the end of March 2022.

The system's annual power-generation capacity is estimated to be approximately 7,293 MWh. Using all of that generated electricity at the plant will equate to a reduction in greenhouse gases of roughly 2,326 t-CO2/year.

The Deestone Group is pushing forward with a plan to install solar power systems at its other manufacturing bases in Thailand. SESJ will support the Deestone Group in achieving its goals for reducing CO2 emissions through the engineering, procurement, and construction of optimal solar power systems.

SESJ remains committed to spreading the use of renewable energy around the world.




Annual power

greenhouse gas

Start of

Tire plant of Svizz-One
Corporation Ltd. in the
Deestone Group (Nakhon
Pathom Province, Thailand)

Approx. 4.99

Approx. 7,293

Approx. 2,326

End of March

*1 SESJ is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, specializing in energy solutions, such as the sales of PV systems and the installation of electrical equipment.
Headquarters: Yao, Osaka Prefecture; President: Hiroshi Sasaoka

*2 A major Thai-owned tire manufacturer based in Thailand.

*3 As of May 31, 2021.

*4 Svizz-One manufactures radial tires for the Deestone Group.

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