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September 30, 2022

Sharp on Show at CEATEC 2022

Initiatives for Digital Healthcare and Contributing to Carbon Neutrality

Sharp’s CEATEC booth image (at Makuhari Messe)

Sharp Corporation will exhibit at CEATEC 2022 to be held at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) from October 18 to 21 (Tuesday to Friday).

This year’s CEATEC will be held at Makuhari Messe for the first time in three years and will also be held online in advance of the actual event beginning on Saturday, October 1. As part of our commitment to ESG-focused management, we will be exhibiting both in person—while giving full consideration to preventing the spread of COVID-19—and online under the theme of “Toward Tomorrow with SDGs.” With the goal of being a “company that is close to people and society,” we will be introducing products and services that contribute to carbon neutrality and related to digital healthcare, in which we use our technologies to support the healthy lives of each and every person.

Under an initiative to contribute to the SDGs and carbon neutrality, Sharp has worked to minimize the amount of wood and materials used for our booth at the Makuhari Messe venue, as well as to minimize waste by employing reused and recycled materials in its fabrication. With this effort, we offer a new way of exhibiting in this era of the “new normal.”

■Exhibit venues:
 ◇Makuhari Messe … Total Solution Area, Hall 8, Booth T006
 ◇Online* … *Accessible beginning October 1

■Exhibition theme: Toward Tomorrow with SDGs

■Exhibit content:
 1. Digital healthcare
 2. Contributing to carbon neutrality

Exhibit Highlights

1. Digital Healthcare


• A non-contact vitals sensing solution based on a camera and infrared sensor provides the convenience of non-contact measurement of multiple vital indicators such as pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and body temperature. (Makuhari/online)

• An ultra-compact sensor for vitals sensing measures vital indicators such as pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation level, blood pressure, and stimulation intensity with high precision based on a proprietary algorithm. (Makuhari/online)

• The Medical Listening Plug wireless in-ear hearing aid will be available in two colors, Black and a new color, Natural Pink. (Makuhari)

• A femtech-related service tracks usage of sanitary products based on an IoT-enabled storage case to allow users to manage their supply of sanitary products as well as automatically log their menstrual cycle using a smartphone app. Sharp is offering solutions aimed at reducing the burden of women’s health management and improving health literacy based on data indicating potential needs from experiments and various investigations. (Makuhari/online)

• The creation of a comfortable sleeping space by linking a bed manufactured by Paramount Bed Co., Ltd. (head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; president Tomohiko Kimura) and an AIoT-compatible air conditioner. (Makuhari/online)

◆Commercial/Data Business

• A centralized control system enables integrated management of the operating status of air conditioners and air purifiers installed in each room using AIoT and that allows checking status and operation remotely. (Makuhari)

• Examples of Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster air purification technology installed in places like transportation facilities, offices, public service areas, and living spaces. These will show how Sharp is contributing to air quality in society. (Makuhari/online)

• Examples of using a variety of data collected from AIoT-equipped home appliances used on a daily basis, and examples of utilizing AIoT-equipped home appliances to provide regional disaster preparedness information during warnings for unusually severe typhoons or heavy rains. (Makuhari/online)

• To provide greater convenience for users at hotels and other lodging facilities, Sharp will exhibit wireless LAN-compatible commercial washer/dryers that allow remote operation from guest rooms and that also enable use with cashless payment systems. (Makuhari)

◆Smart Homes

• The Stock Assist system to be installed in storage spaces for daily necessities and food both inside and outside the refrigerator allows users to check information such as inventory status using a dedicated smartphone app. In addition, we will introduce the UchiRepi*1 app that seamlessly links the results of family recipe searches to meal preparation and cooking by connecting Sharp’s COCORO KITCHEN recipe service with our Healsio Hot Cook waterless automatic cooking pot and Healsio superheated steam oven. (Makuhari/online)


*1 This app is provided by Sapporo Holdings Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; president Masaki Oga) and supports effortless cooking. Guided by the vision of “a more warmhearted world through family meals,” its aim is to reduce the burden of household tasks and create fun and joy at meals through family communication.


• Sharp will offer a medical education solution that utilizes a 32-inch 8K LCD monitor and an 8K camera. Recording and sharing surgical images with 8K quality makes it possible to communicate the situation during a surgery, as well as know-how and techniques to medical personnel other than the surgeon. (Makuhari)

2. Contributing to Carbon Neutrality

◆Electronic Devices

• Sharp will exhibit for the first time its highly efficient LC-LH (Liquid and Crystal Light Harvesting) indoor photovoltaic device that converts small amounts of light into energy. It has about twice the power-generating efficiency of solar cells used in clocks and calculators and can achieve high power levels even with a small surface area. It enables the creation of convenient and eco-friendly products that eliminate the hassle of battery replacement and wiring. (Makuhari/online)

• On September 27, Sharp Display Technology Corporation (SDTC) announced that it will collaborate with E Ink Holdings Inc., and adopt SDTC’s IGZO*2 backplane*3 for ePaper modules using in eReader and eNote products. This is the first opportunity to exhibit Next Generation of ePaper modules with 8-inch display, and reduced Image update time by IGZO technology. (Makuhari)

• A prototype 31.5-inch reflective IGZO display made by Sharp that is clearly visible with high brightness even in outdoor environments, and Tough & Eco Info Panel for outdoor signage manufactured by Unica Corporation (head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; president Takeshi Umeda) powered by a solar panel. (Makuhari)

*2 IGZO is the oxide semiconductor composed of indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen. It is used as a material for thin film transistors that drive liquid crystal displays, etc.

*3 Board circuit for controlling display signals.


• Reference exhibit of perovskite solar cells. Because these solar cells are thin, lightweight, and flexible, they can be installed in places that, due to issues related to load-bearing and shape, were previously problematic. In addition, they can be produced at low cost and in an energy efficient way. In the future, they are expected to contribute to even wider use of solar power. (Makuhari/online)

• A practical-sized compound photovoltaic module with the world’s highest*4 conversion efficiency of 32.65%*5 developed under the Research and Development Project for Mobile Solar Cells*6 sponsored by NEDO*7. The prototype compound triple-junction photovoltaic module*8 is lightweight and flexible, and is expected to be installed on mobile equipment and devices such as EVs, as well as used in aerospace and aviation applications. (Makuhari/online)

• A storage battery system that can be linked to EVs in the future. Sharp’s setup will enable generated electricity to be used efficiently by connecting BLACKSOLAR ZERO photovoltaic modules to storage batteries, power conditioners, and other system components. (Makuhari)

• Self-consumption solutions aimed at corporate entities such as large-scale construction sites and commercial facilities. Sharp’s self-consumption service will enable the introduction of solar power systems with zero initial investment. (Makuhari)

*4 As of September 30, 2022, for photovoltaic modules at the research level (according to Sharp findings).

*5 Figures confirmed in February 2022 by AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Japan, one of the world’s official measurement agencies for solar cells (module area: 965 cm2; maximum output: 31.51 W).

*6 Project objectives include: Development of technologies to promote photovoltaic power generation as a primary power source; development of technologies for creating new markets for photovoltaic power generation; and research and development of solar cells for mobile vehicles and equipment (development of ultra-high-efficiency module technology). Project period: fiscal 2020 to 2022 (extended to no later than fiscal 2024).

*7 NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

*8 A solar cell that achieves high conversion efficiency by stacking three light-absorbing layers made of compounds consisting of two or more elements such as indium, gallium, and arsenic, absorbing light of different wavelengths in each layer.

◆New Materials

• TEKION cold-retention material was developed by applying technologies for liquid crystal materials. It has the property of maintaining an almost constant temperature from the time it begins to melt at a specific temperature until it turns into a liquid. Sharp will introduce optimized temperature cold-retention materials with melting points of –22°C, –3°C, +3°C, +7°C, and +12°C. (Makuhari/online)

• TEKIjuN is a humidity control material that maintains a constant humidity in enclosed spaces. In bead form, it can keep the enclosed space at a target humidity within 40% to 90% RH range considering the characteristics of the physical object. The sheet form rapidly controls humidity and controls moisture condensation even under sudden environmental changes. (Makuhari/online)

◆Office Applications

• From Dynabook Inc., introducing the dynaEdge DE200, a palm-sized*9 Windows 11-equipped mini PC. Not only can users create a smart office environment by combining the mini PC with a large display, but they can also reduce the stress of having to carry around a PC while smoothly replicating the same PC environment at home as in the office. Users can increase productivity based on a flexible, hybrid work model. (Makuhari)

• Reference exhibit of Informational exhibit of Smart Meeting Solution, an online meeting solution. Linking Sharp’s BIG PAD touchscreen display featuring a built-in controller with a computer or smartphone contributes to the smooth hosting and operation of online meetings, such as enabling participants to automatically join meetings and automatic connection with peripheral devices. (Makuhari)

*9 External dimensions: approx. 197 (L) x 85 (W) x 20 (H) mm; weight: approx. 340 g (model with built-in LTE: approx. 365 g)


• Closed-loop material recycling technology jointly developed with Kansai Recycling Systems Co., Ltd., and put into practical use for the first time by the household appliance industry. Since 2001, Sharp has been using recycled materials in its products derived from recycled plastic collected from discarded home appliances. We will exhibit “wash tub to wash tub recycling,” in which the wash tub of a washing machine is recycled and used in new washing machines over and over again. (Makuhari)

Information about CEATEC 2022 can be found on the CEATEC 2022 official site:

Note: Advance registration is required.

Sharp’s exhibit is profiled at CEATEC 2022 ONLINE, which will be held beginning October 1: CEATEC 2022 ONLINE Sharp Booth

Note: Website access will be available beginning October 1.

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