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October 17, 2022

Sharp Indoor Photovoltaic Device, LC-LH Wins the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in CEATEC AWARD 2022

Supplies power to various products with high efficiency even in weak indoor light, and leads to disposable battery reduction by easy installation without wiring or replacing batteries

Sharp Corporation is proud to announce that its indoor photovoltaic device, LC-LH (Liquid and Crystal Light Harvesting) has won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in CEATEC AWARD 2022, an award of the biggest IoT exhibition in Japan, CEATEC.

CEATEC AWARDS 2022 commends technologies, products and services assessed by CEATEC AWARDS 2022 Panel of Judges to be highly innovative and superior in terms of their academic and technological perspectives as well as their marketability and future potential, among those displayed in the exhibition.

The indoor photovoltaic device, LC-LH is a fusion of dye-sensitized solar cells*1 that can convert indoor light into electricity with high efficiency, and liquid crystal display technology cultivated over decades by Sharp. It has about twice the power-generating efficiency of solar cells used in clocks and calculators (in indoors*2) and can achieve high power levels even with a small surface area. Also, it enables the creation of convenient products that eliminate the hassle of battery replacement and wiring, and is suitable for products required to be small and easy for installation such as electronic shelf labels, beacons*3, IoT products including sensors for healthcare and environment, remote controllers, mobile batteries and etc. Furthermore, replacing disposable batteries with LC-LH makes it possible to reduce the environmental burden caused by battery disposals, leading to the creation of convenient and environment friendly products. The production of high-performance, high-quality, and low-cost LC-LH utilizing facilities of LCD plant is expected to commence in the fiscal year 2023.

Sharp remains committed to contributing to the realization of carbon neutral while continuing to provide new value to the world through new products, services, and solutions that support people's lives and businesses.

*1 A type of organic solar cell that converts light absorbed by dyes into electricity.

*2 Compared with amorphous silicon solar cells commonly used for indoor applications under illuminance of 500 lux.

*3 A radio wave transmitter used in environments where radio waves are difficult to reach, such as underground malls, for applications such as identifying locations by receiving radio waves emitted from beacons as an alternative means.

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