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October 30, 2023

Sharp Develops “ePoster” Color Electronic Paper Display*1 with IGZO*2Technology

World’s first*3 A2-size featuring E Ink Spectra 6TM*4, the newest e-paper platform from E Ink Holdings
To be unveiled first at SHARP Tech-Day technology exhibition (November 10 to 12)

A2 size ePoster display featuring IGZO technology
Note: Screen images shown are simulated pictures. Actual display will differ.

Sharp Corporation has collaborated with E Ink Holdings Inc. (headquarters: Hsinchu City, Taiwan, CEO: Johnson Lee; below “E Ink”), the world’s commercial leader in the electronic paper field, to develop an A2-sized color electronic paper display equipped with an IGZO backplane. The new ePoster electronic paper display that will be unveiled for the first time at SHARP Tech-Day, a technology exhibition to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from November 10 (Friday) to 12 (Sunday) of this year.

This prototype ePoster display is the first to be equipped with E Ink’s latest e-paper platform, E Ink Spectra 6. The displayable color gamut has been expanded compared to the previous platform*5, making it possible to render content with greater color saturation and vividness. This unit offers high visibility like printed paper, and can also maintain the display with zero watts (“0W”) power consumption*6. In addition to being A2 size (420 mm x 594 mm), the international standard for printed paper posters, it is also thin and lightweight, making it easy to replace conventional paper posters. The ePoster can thus be installed in places where previous electronic displays could not, due to their significant weight and the need for a power source.

This development of an A2-size model equipped with E Ink Spectra 6 is the first in the world. In addition, IGZO technology has made it possible to make the peripheral circuitry smaller, allowing for narrower bezels.

In addition to this unit, Sharp will also be exhibiting an 8-inch color e-paper display equipped with IGZO technology for e-book readers and e-notebooks at SHARP Tech-Day.

For information on SHARP Tech-Day and to register for participation, please visit the dedicated website below.

*1 Only still images can be displayed. Video playback is not supported.

*2 IGZO is an oxide semiconductor composed of indium (In), gallium (Ga), zinc (Zn), and oxygen (O). It is used as a material in the thin film transistors (TFTs) that drive the display.

*3 For electronic paper displays equipped with the E Ink Spectra 6™ platform developed as of 2023. As of October 30, 2023; based on Sharp research.

*4 For more information on Spectra 6, please see E Ink’s news release

*5 E Ink Gallery Plus™ electronic paper display platform.

*6 Power is consumed when rewriting the content to be displayed on the screen.

Note: Sharp Corporation is currently applying for a trademark for “ePoster.”

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