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December 21, 2023

Sharp to Take Part in CES 2024, Major US Tech Event

Introducing a wide range of innovative technologies that will drive sustained, medium- to long-term growth

Sharp’s booth (image)

Sharp Corporation will participate in CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, to be held from January 9 to 12 (Tuesday to Friday), 2024. CES is one of the largest and most influential tech events in the world. Based on the slogan “Toward the Future for a Better Life,” Sharp will broadly promote a variety of world-class technologies in the global marketplace by introducing its innovative proprietary technologies first unveiled at Sharp Tech-Day, its technology exhibition event held in Tokyo in November 2023.

■ Exhibit Highlights

1. Smart Living
Technologies that reduce various worries at home and make lives richer and more comfortable

A virtual docent (explainer bot) powered by CE-LLM*1 (Communication Edge-LLM) edge AI technology being developed by Sharp will introduce the exhibit through natural, interactive conversation. Also, in addition to a high Speed Oven that features greatly reduced cooking times thanks to proprietary heating technology and optimal control of the heat source, this exhibit will feature hair dryers and stick vacuum cleaners that combine low noise and high power. Sharp will also introduce non-contact vital sensors and the world’s smallest vital sensors for wearable devices.

2. Smart Industry
Ideas to provide speed and efficiency to industries

This exhibit features camera technology that supports XR technology, in addition to visual representations of conversations and ideas in business settings using XR*2 glass and AI, and information display to support daily life scenarios such as wardrobe coordination suggestions. Also, an AI Olfactory Sensor, developed by adapting display substrate technologies, enables sensing smells by mimicking living organisms, and an IMS (ion mobility spectrometry) gas analysis device using an atmospheric electron release element will be on display. And Sharp will introduce a safe driving support system that uses a small camera combined with an LCD.

3. Sustainability
Technologies that produce renewable energy of the future and address environmental issues by improving power efficiency

Reflective LCD signage for outdoor and ePoster color electronic paper displays featuring low power consumption will be exhibited. Sharp will also introduce the indoor photovoltaic device LC-LH that uses indoor light and offers high power generating efficiency and can supply power to IoT devices. A TV Remote Control with LC-LH device will also be shown. Also, Sharp’s Space Solar Sheet next-generation solar cell module that is thin, lightweight, and flexible will be on display.

Location of Sharp booth: 17229, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center (Nevada, USA)

Exhibit dates and time: January 9 to January 12, 2024 (Tuesday to Friday); hours: 10:00 to 18:00

*1 In response to questions from users, it provides smooth, natural conversation and interaction by immediately judging whether to handle the question using edge AI such as a local LLM or a cloud-based AI such as Chat GPT.

*2 Extended reality/cross reality: Technology to create new experiences through the fusion of the real world and virtual worlds.

■ Exhibit Highlights (tentative)

Booth Area


Smart Living

• AI Avatar

A virtual explainer (docent) equipped with CE-LLM (Communication Edge-LLM) edge AI technology now under development will present the exhibition content in a smooth, natural conversational style.

• High Speed Oven

A built-in oven that can significantly reduce cooking times thanks to proprietary heating technology and optimal control of the heat source. It adopts the industry’s first*3 Gold Carbon Heater. A whole chicken typical of an American party menu can be roasted in one-third the time of a conventional oven while delivering charcoal grilled flavor.

• Low noise & High power Hair dryer

A new hair dryer delivers high air-flow volume using two motors while reducing noise levels thanks to a proprietary design for the air-flow path. An innovative form factor enables it to be used hands-free.

• Low noise & Powerful stick cleaner

An upright vacuum cleaner that maintains powerful suction and achieves significantly reduced noise thanks to a proprietary noise-reducing design.

• Non-contact vital Sensor

A device that uses a unique optical filter based on semiconductor film-forming technology to sense pulse waves without contact and with high accuracy.

• Vital Sensors for wearable devices

The world’s smallest pulse wave sensor for wearable devices such as earphones, rings, and eyeglasses.

• AQUOS XLED Model for the Global Market

This TV employs mini-LED backlight and quantum-dot rich-color display technology and features an audio system with speakers placed above and below the screen to combine dynamic images with excellent light and dark rendering with an immersive sound field. This is a new-generation TV that provides viewers with a vividly realistic sense of actually being in the middle of the action.

Smart Industry

• Life/work update experience to use XR glass

Conversations and ideas that emerge during meetings can be rendered visually utilizing XR technology and AI. Also, this combination can offer solutions to support users by, for example, analyzing the current weather forecast and personal schedules and displaying recommended clothing coordinates as the user stands in front of their wardrobe closet.

• Polymer Lens Camera and Ultra Compact Camera

A polymer lens camera that will be the “eye” of the AI world, which is capable of high-speed focus adjustment based on the same mechanism as the human eye. Also, an ultra-small camera with high optical performance to be used for gaze tracking. These products will link a person’s intention to see things, go places, and operate devices to the world of AI without requiring touch contact.

• AI Olfactory Sensor

Based on a design derived from display substrate technologies, this sensor imitates the sense of smell of living things. By imaging, it is possible to use AI to process and evaluate smells, so it can determine more complicated smells compared to methods that measure physical quantities of odorants.

• IMS Gas Analyzer

This device uses a proprietary atmospheric electron emission element developed by Sharp. By enabling stable electron emission even at normal atmospheric pressure, which had been considered difficult when not under vacuum conditions, it is expected to find application in a greater variety of fields than ever before.

• Gas decomposition module applying original photocatalyst material

A harmful-gas decomposition module equipped with a filter containing a proprietary photocatalyst material with excellent performance provides improved air quality in offices and inside vehicles. It can also be used to maintain the freshness of perishable foods and for the preservation of historic and artistic assets.

• Driver Monitoring Camera

A camera module integrated into the dashboard LCD detects the driver’s line of sight, head position and orientation, and eye blink pattern to assess driver status. Drowsiness can also be detected.


• Low Power Consumption Reflective LCD signage for outdoor

A low-power-consumption display utilizing reflected ambient light. By combining a proprietary reflective structure and low-frequency IGZO drive, a full-color video display with high visibility is possible even in outdoor environments.

• Ultra Low Power indoor Display "ePoster"

This display is equipped with E Ink’s latest e-paper platform, E Ink Spectra 6, making it possible to render content with greater color saturation and vividness. IGZO technology has made it possible to make the peripheral circuitry smaller, allowing for narrower bezels. In addition to high visibility like printed paper, it can also maintain the display with zero watts (“0W”) power consumption*4.

• Indoor photovoltaic device "LC-LH"

By combining dye-sensitized solar cells, which can convert indoor light into electricity with high efficiency, and Sharp’s LCD technology, this device achieves power generating efficiency approximately double that of typical solar cells used in clocks and calculators. Applicable not only to a variety of small appliances, it will also help reduce environmental impacts by replacing disposable batteries.

• TV Remote Control with LC-LH device

A remote control for TVs equipped with an LC-LH indoor photovoltaic device. Boasting excellent power generation efficiency in indoor light, it can be used without batteries.

• Space Solar Sheet

Next-generation solar cells for use in outer space featuring high power generating efficiency. Thin, lightweight, and flexible, the solar sheet can be used in unprecedented ways for moving vehicles and mobile equipment. For example, it can be stored compactly as a module that can be rolled up and then expanded to cover a large area for generating electricity.

*3 For built-in ovens; as of December 21, 2023, based on Sharp findings.

*4 Power is consumed when rewriting the content to be displayed on the screen.

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