VN-EZ1 MPEG-4 Digital Recorder
Main Features

MPEG-4 Digital Moving Picture Compression Standard
The VN-EZ1 is the world's first MPEG digital recorder to incorporate the MPEG-4 digital moving picture compression standard. This high-compression format drastically reduces the size of moving picture files, allowing those taken with the VN-EZ1 to be sent as an e-mail attachment or transmitted over the Internet and other networks. Attaching video clips to e-mail is as simple as "drag-and-drop."

SmartMedia™ Storage Allows Easy File Transfer to Computers
Moving pictures taken with the VN-EZ1 are stored on SmartMedia™ memory cards, which allow large amounts of data to be quickly and conveniently loaded into a computer by simply inserting the card into an optional floppy disk adapter or PC card adapter (available on the market) that connects to a PC. Up to 60 minutes of moving picture data, including audio, can be taken with a 32MB* memory card.

* The VN-EZ1 comes standard with a 4MB SmartMedia™ memory card. 32MB cards and cards of other capacities are available on the market; however, cards of certain capacities may not be available in some markets.

Advanced Streaming Format for Enhanced Multimedia Applications
WINDOWS Media logoThe VN-EZ1 Internet ViewCam uses Microsoft® Corporation's Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), a next-generation video streaming format that is expected to gain wide popularity for use in multimedia applications. Moving picture files transmitted using this format can be viewed using Windows® Media Player** without the need for additional software or data conversion. Plus, ASF files can be viewed almost simultaneously as they are being downloaded. With the VN-EZ1, adding eye-catching video to your Web site is incredibly easy.

** Media Player can be downloaded from Microsoft® Corporation's Download Site.

Video Playback and Extracting Software Included
PixLab logoEverything you need to prepare your moving picture files for computer and Internet use is supplied with the Internet ViewCam. PixLab Media Browser lets you search easily through moving picture and still image files taken with the VN-EZ1. Once you've found the files you want, use ASF Extractor to extract various scenes. Then play back the moving picture files on your computer using Windows® Media Player, or use the Bit Rate Adapter and HTML Creator to make them into ASF files ready for the Internet.

Other Features

Other features image
*Available for video recording only.

Index thumbnail display allows easy random access to any video scene for playback or editing
Interval shooting for recording lengthy events in an abridged form
Still image capture (640 x 480 in JPEG format)
Self-timer for still image shooting

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