VN-EZ1 MPEG-4 Digital Recorder
Internet ViewCam Applications and Moving Picture Samples

The moving picture samples introduced in this page are simulated situations made to show various applications for the Internet ViewCam.

Note: The moving picture files are available in three different playback modes: LP, Normal, or Fine. LP mode allows streaming playback, which means the moving picture clip can be viewed as it downloads. Normal mode and the higher resolution Fine mode must be completely downloaded before playback can begin. To download a file, select one of the modes with your right mouse button and select "Save the Object into a File" from the pop-up menu. For streaming playback of LP files, simply click the LP file once with your left mouse button and playback will begin in a few seconds.

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[ Customer Service Centers ]
If a customer sends an e-mail to a customer service center regarding a problem with a product -- a scanner for example -- the Internet ViewCam can be used to show how to correct the problem. Unlike reading the correction procedure on paper or listening to it on the phone, moving pictures give the customer a clearer and easier explanation at a glance.

LP mode (90KB)
Normal mode (221KB)

Fine mode (635KB)

[ Fixed-point Surveying ]
Because it is possible to record up to one hour of moving pictures with the Internet ViewCam, it's ideal for use in fixed-point surveying situations, such as recording traffic conditions during different times of the day. Using the Internet ViewCam's time-lapse function, up to 100 hours of fixed-point surveying is possible.

1. Morning
Fine mode (528KB)

2. Afternoon
Fine mode (188KB)

3. Evening
Fine mode (295KB)

[ During a Home Stay ]
The Internet ViewCam can be used for personal purposes as well. While studying abroad, for example, you could send an "animated" letter to your family to let them know how you are doing.

Normal mode (237KB)
Fine mode (684KB)

[ Travel ]
Record footage of trips and send them to friends as an e-mail attachment. Seeing the moving picture scenes will make your friends feel like they are there with you.

1. Travel 1
Normal mode (71KB)
Fine mode (196KB)

2. Travel 2
Normal mode (86KB)
Fine mode (249KB)

3. Travel 3
Normal mode (161KB)
Fine mode (463KB)

4. Travel 4
Normal mode (107KB)
Fine mode (303KB)

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