VN-EZ1 MPEG-4 Digital Recorder

Model name VN-EZ1
Moving picture compression format MPEG-4 standard
Still image compression format JPEG standard
Recording format Moving picture: ASF, Still image: JPEG (Exif 2.1)
Recording medium SmartMedia (SSFDC) 3.3V type
2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB memory cards
Moving picture size and recording time (approx.) -Image size Transmission
4MB 8MB 16MB 32MB
LP 160 x 120 Approx.
28.8 kbps
(16 kbps)
17 min. 34 min. 1 hour
8 min.
2 hours
17 min.
Normal Approx.
64 kbps
(16 kbps)
7 min.
30 sec.
15 min. 30 min. 1 hour
Fine Approx.
192 kbps
(24 kbps)
2 min.
30 sec.
5 min. 10 min. 20 min.
S-Fine Approx.
384 kbps
(32 kbps)
1 min.
15 sec.
2 min.
30 sec.
5 min. 10 min.
1/4 VGA 320 x 240 Approx.
384 kbps
(32 kbps)
1 min.
15 sec.
2 min.
30 sec.
5 min. 10 min.
Still image size and storage capacity
(approx. no.)
Normal 640 x 480 -- 72 shots 144 shots 288 shots 576 shots
Fine -- 36 shots 72 shots 144 shots 288 shots
Image pickup device 1/4-inch CCD with approx. 350,000 pixels (total number of pixels),
progressive scanning CCD
Square pixel, RGB filter, 4x digital zoom (can be used only while recording in LP, Normal, Fine, or S-Fine mode)
Lens Fixed with macro, F=3.4, f=3.8mm (equivalent to 35mm camera with conversion value of 37mm)
LCD monitor 1.8-inch TFT LCD color monitor (61,380 pixels)
Power consumption 3.4W (when recording), 2.7W (when playing back)
Continuous operating time Approx. 1 hour [with included Alkaline AA batteries]
Approx. 1 hour and 40 min. [with rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries (1450mAh)]
Speaker output 100mW (monaural)
DC input jack For optional AC adapter (6V DC rated input)
External dimensions
(W x H x D)
81.4 x 89.5 x 42.0 mm (3.2" x 3.5" x 1.7")
Weight Approx. 148 g (5.2 oz) [approx. 240 g (8.5 oz) with SmartMedia card and 4 Alkaline batteries]
Supply voltage 6V DC (Alkaline AA batteries, corresponding rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries, or AC adapter)
Supplied accessories 4 Alkaline AA batteries, 4MB SmartMedia memory card, hand strap, soft case, application software on CD-ROM

System Requirements for PixLab Integrated Digital Media Software
Computer*1 IBM PC/AT compatibles
Operating system Microsoft Windows® 95*2 or Windows® 98 (Recommended)
(Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Packx or Internet Explorer 5 must be installed.)
CPU*3 133MHz Pentium® or higher CPU (200 MHz MMX™ Pentium® or higher recommended)
RAM*3 32MB or more (64MB or more recommended)
Hard disk space
required for installation
Approx. 15MB (for PixLab Media Browser)
ASF Extractor
Bit Rate Adapter
HTML Creator
ASB to ASF Converter
Approx. 80MB (for fully installing the following applications*4)
Microsoft® Windows® Media Player
Mircosoft® DirectX 6.1
Microsoft® DirectX Media 6.0 Runtime
Adobe® Acrobat Reader 4.0
Hard disk
capacity for
operating applications
Approx. 60MB (when using a video file of 16MB)
Depending on the file size, more hard disk capacity may be necessary.
Excludes capacity for file saving
Hard disk
Ultra ATA/33 or later recommended
Video card*3 800 x 600 dot resolution or more, capable of displaying 65,536 colors/compatibility with DirectX 6*5
Sound card Sound Blaster compatible
CD-ROM drive Needed for software installation

*1Sharp does not guarantee operation on all computers. PixLab software may not operate properly with self-made computers or those with a modified mother board. The computer must be able to play back sound and moving pictures using Media Player.
*2Service Pack 1 must be installed for Windows® 95 4.00.950.
*3Depending on the capability or capacity of the computer, operation may become very slow or not perform as expected.
*4All these applications need to be installed as precondition for PixLab to operate properly. Not necessary if equivalent applications are already installed.
*5Please consult the manufacturer of your video card for compatibility with DirectX 6.

MPEG-4: Moving Picture Experts Group Phase 4. An international standard for compressing video and sound.
Personal computer required for Internet connection.
ASF (Advanced Streaming Format): Streaming multimedia file format developed by Microsoft.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
All company and product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
Design and specifications are current as of March 1999, but are subject to change without prior notice.

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