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Our special experiment team will demonstrate the amazingness
of the Plasmacluster through fights with various enemies!
Do not miss it!


Superhuman Sniffer Dog vs. Plasmacluster Ions

We put Plasmacluster technology up against a police dog with a superhuman sense of smell.

Total : 2:57


Durian vs. Plasmacluster Ions

Do Plasmacluster Ions have the power to deodorize the overpowering smell of durian, the "king of fruits"?

Total : 3:29


Stink Bugs KO'd by Their Own Fumes?

We tested the idea that several stink bugs put together in a box would stink each other out.

Total : 2:49


World No. 2 vs. Plasmacluster Ions

Can Plasmacluster Ions overcome the world's second most stinky odor? And what's with the alpaca?

Total : 3:24