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SD-NX10/H/W and SD-SG11/H
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The SD-NX10/H/W brings added realism to your CDs and MDs, thanks to the 2.8MHz sampling rate of its 1-bit amplifier. And, for your convenience, it provides handy MD-editing functions such as MDLP.
The high-performance SD-SG11/H is a model of compatibility. It has the connections you need to hook it up to almost any Hi-Fi speaker set, while its black, brushed-metal finish guarantees a stylish match.
High-Speed Sampling 1-Bit Digital Amplifier
1-Bit Technology The phenomenal 2.8MHz sampling rate of a 1-bit amplifier produces astonishing high-fidelity sound with excellent time resolution. And, since it transmits and amplifies a digital signal rather than an analogue one, a 1-bit amplifier virtually eliminates sound deterioration.
Function with Beauty
The SD-NX10/H/W and SD-SG11/H each represents a successful marriage of style to function. Both player units feature space-saving vertical CD and MD slot-in mechanisms, and both have the amplifier/power-supply unit separated from the main body to minimise sound interference.
Vertical Slot-In CD/MD Mechanisms Photo Separate Design Photo
Vertical CD/MD Slot-In Mechanisms Separate Design
Take Advantage of Handy MD-Editing Functions
For the true MD enthusiast, the SD-NX10/H/W and SD-SG11/H offer a range of versatile, easy-to-use editing functions.
Record more of your favourite tunes on a single MD. An 80 min. disc in LP mode, for example, gives you up to 320 min. of recording and playing time.
(LP2 or LP4 mode MD discs can be played only on MDLP-compatible players.)
MLDP Image MLDP Diagram
CD-to-MD Double Speed Editing:
Make personal MDs in half the normal time at the touch of a button.
(SP mode only)
Top Position Recording:
When adding tracks to an MD, you can place a new one at the start of the track list.
Hyper-Track Editing:
While listening to a CD, mark tracks you wish to record later.
Digital Recording Level Control:
Ensures all tracks are recorded at similar volume levels.
Colourful and Informative Display
Functional and eye-catching, the fluorescent display with 4-mode, 7-colour illumination enhances this already-attractive system. Choose a colour to suit your room interior, and enjoy a winning combination of style and performance.
Speakers of Your Choice
When it comes to compatibility, the SD-SG11/H is sure to impress. Thanks to its screw-type terminals and its ability to connect to any speakers with 4-8 impedance, the SD-SG11/H lets you hook up whichever Hi-Fi speakers you like. Welcome to the world of customised 1-bit audio. Screw-Type Speaker Terminals Photo
Screw-Type Speaker Terminals
  • Sampling Rate Converter
  • 2-Band (FM/AM) Synthesizer Tuner with 40-Station Random Preset Memory
  • 4-Mode Preprogrammed Equalizer (SD-NX10/H/W)
  • X-BASS (EXTRA BASS) System (SD-NX10/H/W)
  • Surround Sound System (SD-NX10/H/W)
  • Optical Digital Input
  • 3cm Soft-Dome Tweeter and 10cm Woofer x 2 (SD-NX10/H/W)
Rear Panel
Rear Panel
Rear Panel

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