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Amplifier Section
Power Output 25W+25W, 1kHz, 6 (NX10/H/W), 25W+25W, 1kHz, 4 (SG11/H)
FTC Power Output 22W min. RMS per channel into 6 from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 2% T.H.D. (NX10/H/W), 22W min. RMS per channel into 4 from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 2% T.H.D. (SG11/H)
Frequency Response 20Hz-25kHz (±3dB) (NX10/H/W), 20Hz-40kHz (±3dB) (SG11/H)
A/D Noise Shaping 7th-order modulation
Amplification System 64fs 1-bit switching
Power Supply 120V 60Hz (NX10 & SG11), 230V 50Hz (NX10H & SG11H),
110/127/220/230-240V 50/60Hz (NX10W)
Input Terminals Audio in
Output Terminals Square-type dedicated jack, Speaker terminals x 2 (NX10/H/W), Screw-type speaker terminals x 2 pairs (SG11/H)
(W x H x D)
160 x 210 x 136mm (6-5/16" x 8-5/16" x 5-3/8") (NX10/H/W),
160 x 210 x 153mm (6-5/16" x 8-5/16" x 6") (SG11/H)
Weight (Approx.) 3.5kg (7.7lbs.) (NX10/H), 3.8kg (8.4lbs.) (NX10W), 3.7kg (8.2lbs.) (SG11/H)

Tuner & CD/MD Player
MD Section
Audio Compression ATRAC/ATRAC3 24-bit encoding
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
CD Section
Number of Channels 2 stereo channels
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Tuner Section
Reception Frequency FM: 87.5-108MHz/AM: 530-1,720kHz (NX10/SG11), FM: 87.5-108MHz/AM: 522-1,620kHz (NX10H/SG11H), FM: 88-108MHz/AM: 531-1,602kHz (9kHz span), 530-1,620kHz (10kHz span) (NX10W)
Input Terminals FM/AM antenna, Square-type optical digital in, Audio in
Output Terminals Headphones, Grounding, Square-type dedicated jack, Audio out x 2
(W x H x D)
318 x 210 x 93mm (12-9/16" x 8-5/16" x 3-11/16")
Weight (Approx.) 3.7kg (8.2lbs.)

Speakers(Available with NX10/H/W.)
Speaker Woofer: 10cm (3-15/16") x 2, Tweeter: 3cm (1-3/16") soft-dome type x 1
Max. Input 50W
(W x H x D)
187 x 423 x 200mm (7-3/8" x 16-11/16" x 7-7/8")
Weight (Approx.) 3.7kg (8.2lbs.)/each
Design and specifications are current as of April 2004, but are subject to change without prior notice.
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