High-volume Document Performance
You Can Trust

Built to Excel in the Print-on-Demand Workplace

Is your enterprise calling out for a quality document solution to handle high-volume light production duties?
Sharp’s new MFP answers the call. This powerful MFP comes with a wide range of configurable options that you can tailor to your needs. Whatever set-up you choose, you’ll get ultra-crisp B/W documents printed at 120/105 ppm. Duplex scanning and smart paper-feeding technology keep production flowing smoothly. And single sign-on gives you easy access to a variety of cloud services.
If you’re working in a critical print-on-demand environment, this is a powerful document solution you can trust.

Enhanced Reliability

The MFP is built for durability and easy maintenance. It features smart built-in systems and options that prevent paper mis-feeds and improve paper travel. These help to minimise downtime and improve productivity.

Heavy workloads are no problem. This MFP gives you a consistently high level of print quality, even with high-speed, large-volume jobs.

High Productivity

The MFP’s print engine handles large-volume jobs with ease. It offers outstanding productivity, thanks to its large paper capacity, high-speed DSPF, and handy finishing options. You can also pair the MFP with a Fiery® print server for industry-leading print management.

When you need to print a business proposal or strategy paper right now, this MFP gets the job done fast.

Smooth Operation

Thanks to its large 15.4-inch LCD control panel and user-friendly UI, this MFP is easy and intuitive to operate. Features like the optional QWERTY keyboard and touch pad put powerful functionality in the hands of every office user.

Anyone on your team—even newcomers—can operate the MFP in no time and take advantage of its advanced features.

Easy Connection

Use single sign-on for easy access to a variety of cloud services. You can directly print data stored in the cloud or upload scanned data there for later printing. The MFP also supports a popular mobile printing technology.

Large files stored on a server or in the cloud—or data uploaded to a mobile device—can be printed out on the spot.

Key Features