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Easy Editing, Scheduling, Distribution, and Display Management— SHARP Digital Signage Software Provides Total Support for Expanding the Potential Uses of Digital Signage

SHARP Digital Signage Software (SDSS) is versatile management software that provides total support for the creation, scheduling, distribution, and display of a wide range of content for Sharp LCD monitors installed in offices, commercial establishments, and public spaces. Whether distributing scheduled programs over a large network or via a USB flash drive, users can select the software version that matches their needs, their business environment, and their existing systems. SDSS allows users not only to create programs and display them according to a designated schedule, but also to monitor the system’s operational status*1—all without any hassle.

Quick Selection Guide

Package Selection

Select the Optimal SDSS for Your Usage Environment—
Various Solution Packages Are Available to Match Differing Needs for Digital Signage

Product Name Features System Configuration (Examples) No.of Operation PCs No.of Target PCs Operation Screen
In Standalone Systems
Scheduled programs can be delivered and displayed at a designated time on a single LCD monitor. 1 1
In Network Systems
Network Version
Enables programs to be distributed via the network to one or multiple PCs for display on up to 100 LCD monitors according to a set schedule. 1 Max. 100
Pro Version
Same functions as PN-SS02, plus support for larger and more complex systems*2. Can distribute scheduled programs to up to 1,000 LCD monitors. 1 Max. 1,000
Pro Manager
Pro Web Server Version
Same functions as PN-SS05 and operable via a web browser. Programs, schedules, and other items can be centrally stored and managed on a web server database (i.e., a controller PC), accessible by up to 50 remote PCs. 1 to 50 Max. 1,000
Web browser
Product Name Features
Viewer Version
Dedicated software for displaying scheduled programs on Sharp LCD monitors. To be used with PN-SS01/SS02/SS05/SW05 software.

Feature Comparison

Pro Web Server
No. of operation PCs 1 1 1 1 to 50
Operation via web browser × × ×
Program creation and editing
Timetable/schedule creation and editing
Distribution Via USB flash drive × ×
Via network ×
No. of target PCs 1 Max. 100 Max. 1,000 Max. 1,000
Emergency news flash*5 ×
Reserved distribution ×
Schedule list view × ×
Emergency scroll message × ×
Status monitoring ×
Updater distribution × ×
Differential program distribution*6 × ×
Pull distribution*7 × ×
Monitor control
Operation screen Launcher
Launcher Pro Manager Web browser
Program display
  • *1: Available on PN-SS02/SS05/SW05
  • *2: Refer to ** of the SDSS Quick Selection Guide.
  • *3: PN-SV01 Viewer Version must be installed.
  • *4: To contain scheduled programs.
  • *5: Emergency news flash (“break-in program”)
  • *6: Distributes only new content to target PC (i.e., does not resend previously sent content).
  • *7: The target PC(s) demands program schedules from the server. Since there is no need to provide a global IP address to each target PC, this system is suitable for large-scale distribution via the Internet.

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