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Smartphone Integration

Communicate via a smartphone connection!

When at home, you can connect this robotic cleaner to a Wi-Fi network*1 to communicate with it via your smartphone. When away from home, you can still keep in touch through your smartphone and cloud computing, which let you check on what’s happening at home via images taken by the cleaner’s built-in camera.

Away from Home

At Home

  • Use your smartphone*2 to check the room temperature or view images taken from four directions*3 by the robotic cleaner’s built-in camera.
  • Use your smartphone*2 to command the robotic cleaner to operate. *4
  • When another person comes close to the robotic cleaner, you can have the cleaner say a predetermined message in its own voice or have it relay a message directly from you—in real time—via your smartphone.
  • *1 IEEE 802.11b/g compliant. Wireless routers and related components are sold separately. In addition, access to the Internet via broadband connection is required.
  • *2 Requires a separately sold mobile device, such as a smartphone, and dedicated applications. Compatible models: smartphones running Android OS 2.3/4.0 and later, or iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2, iPad (3rd generation), and iPod touch (4th generation) running iOS 5 and later. (This data is accurate as of May 8, 2012. Operation may not be possible, depending on the model. The latest information on compatible models will be posted on the Sharp website in conjunction with the release of the product.) Dedicated applications must be downloaded from a designated Sharp website; a downloading fee will be charged. Checking operation and/or images may not be possible, depending on network status or the equipment being used. When using the camera function, please give careful consideration to the privacy rights and portrait rights of subjects. Use of this function is at the customer’s own risk. Camera pixel count: approximately 1.3 million pixels.
  • *3 Images cannot be captured while the vacuum cleaner is in operation.
  • *4 Limited to when the robotic cleaner and the smartphone are connected to the same wireless network.
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