Revolutionizing Audio
1-bit amplifier technology will have a profound and lasting change on the very foundation of audio.
Hi-Fi Audio Amplifiers
Conveying music information without any loss of information will be possible from the creation of the original music to a point directly in front of the speaker. 1-bit's superior audio reproduction of the original sound will allow for high-quality audio superior than that of high-end analogue amplifiers.

A/V Amplifiers, Home Theatre Systems and TVs
By using 1-bit amplifier in high-power 5 to 6 channel amplifiers, manufactures will be able to make products more compact. 1-bit amplifier produce significantly less heat, so manufactures will be able to simplify the components involved in the heat dissipation mechanism. The result is that you'll find high-power 1-bit A/V amplifiers more compact and incorporated into more products including DVD players and large-screen LCD TVs.

Car Audio
A more compact and heat efficient amplifier means more powerful amplifiers for the car. And the significant power efficiency of the car audio system will mean a reduced load on the vehicle's battery.

Stereo Systems
More compact systems with superior sound will be created with lower power consumption and less environmental impact than today's systems.

Portable Players
Extended battery life combined with greater compactness and higher audio quality will make portable players even more popular.

PCs and PDAs
Higher audio quality will become possible as the 1-bit amplifier replaces analogue amplifiers. Battery life of PCs and PDAs with sound functions will be extended.

Digital Multi-Media Appliances
Users will be able to enjoy music with higher audio quality based on network-linked equipment incorporating multiple 1-bit amplifiers.
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