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The Next Generation Audio System --
The 1-Bit Amplifier SM-SX100

Hear the future of audio with Sharp's full-featured 1-bit amplifier, the SM-SX100. Superior audio quality, low energy use and compact.
Faithful Reproduction of Sounds in Nature -- High-Speed 2.8 MHz Sampling
The amplified 1-bit signals sampled at 2.8MHz, a frequency far exceeding the audible range of the human ear, ensures a reproduction range of 5 -- 100kHz (+1 dB/-3 dB) which is capable of faithfully reproducing all the sounds produced in the natural world.

Extremely Stable Amplification of Music Signals -- Delta-Sigma Dynamic Feedback
Feeding back supply voltage fluctuations, which have an adverse effect on audio quality, to the 7th-order delta-sigma modulation LSI, instantaneously corrects the 1-bit control signals in real time and offers extremely stable amplification of music signals.

A Wide Dynamic Range in the Audible Band -- 7th-Order Delta-Sigma Modulation LSI
Applying powerful noise shaping based on a unique 7th-order delta-sigma modulation LSI originally developed by Sharp ensures a wide dynamic range in the audible band.

Design, Components and Materials in Pursuit of the Ultimate in Sound
SM-SX100's two-piece construction (separating the power supply and control section) minimizes mutual interference. Only the highest quality hand-picked parts are used, including high-quality volume control, safety RCA input terminal and insulated double-pole speaker terminals to ensure superior sound reproduction.

High-Quality Volume Control

Safety RCA Input Terminal

Insulated Double-Pole Speaker Terminals
Realistic Sound with Instantaneous Response -- High-Fidelity Switching Amplification
Faithful tracking of even dramatic fluctuations of the audio signals allows for audio reproduction with an excellent response and a fresh and vivid sound threshold. Amplifying the precise 1-bit music information contained on next-generation media, such as SACD, delivers the power to reproduce the minutest details of the atmosphere of the recording location.

Full Suite of Terminals for High-End Audio Equipments
An exclusive 1-bit SACD input terminal is provided for direct input of the 1-bit signal from Sharp's up-coming SACD player. Other input terminals include the ST-link optical digital input, BNC coaxial digital input and TOS-link optical digital input provided on high-end CD players and D/A converters. An XLR balanced terminal and RCA terminals are also available for analogue input.

Innovative and Thin Design Presaging the Audio of the 21st Century
SM-SX100's compact, innovative design shatters the conventional image of amplifiers being "heavy, big and awkward". The SM-SX100 is also available in 3 distinct and stylish colours.

* Colour choice depends on country.
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