“SHARP Tech-Forum” held with the theme of Semiconductors – a preliminary event of “SHARP Tech Day”

On August 7, Sharp held “SHARP Tech-Forum” at the Tokyo International Forum on the theme of semiconductors, which have recently been the focus of great interest in the industrial world. This event took place as a preliminary event to the “SHARP Tech Day” (to be held on November 11 this year) celebrating the 111th anniversary […]

Sharp commemorates its 111th anniversary – “Sharp Technology Day” will be held on November 11, 2023

On April 17, Sharp held an event commemorating its 111th anniversary at its Makuhari Office (Mihama-Ku, Chiba). About 500 stakeholders, including members of the Hayakawa family, the founding family of our company, members of the House of Representatives, ambassadors to Japan from various countries, local governments we have business ties, and business partners who have […]

Improves operability with “Click Display” near-future device ②

In the previous issue, we introduced the features of “Click Display” and the background of its development. In this issue, we will introduce the mechanism of pressure detection and responses of visitors to our exhibit at CES2023, a technology trade show held in the U.S. Continuing from the previous interview, we spoke with Yuki and […]

A click feeling as if you were pressing a button even if there is no button! What is the “Click Display”, a device of the near future? ①

Displays for smartphones and home appliances are generally equipped with touch panels that allow users to input data by touching the screen with their fingers. In recent automobiles, touch panel equipped displays with flat designs have also begun to be introduced in center consoles, where audio, air conditioning, and car navigation systems are operated. Touch […]

Solar panels mass-produced at an LCD display factory?
– Introducing the high-efficiency, low-cost Indoor Photovoltaic Device LC-LH Contributing to achieving SDGs –

Image of the LC-LH used as an electronic shelf label(LC-LH is on the far left, which doesn’t have a display) Sharp has developed LC-LH indoor photovoltaic device. It has high power generation efficiency even under weak indoor light, and by utilizing the equipment and manufacturing know-how of existing LCD display factories, it is possible to […]

8K Promotion video ‘AMAZING’ jointly produced by SEM and Tourism Malaysia Wins the Special and Gold Awards in “the 21st WorldMediaFestivals”

Sharp Corporation is proud to announce the award-winning success of the 8K promo video produced by Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (SEM) and Tourism Malaysia. The video, titled ‘Amazing’, won the Special Award “MAGIC EYE” for Best Camerawork and a Gold Award in the Tourism & Travel Media category at the 21st WorldMediaFestivals.   The […]

Sharp Taiwan Introduces Debut of Flagship Smartphone AQUOS R5G Model

On July 2, Sharp (Taiwan) Electronics Corporation (STE) held a press conference to introduce AQUOS R5G. This is the first 5G corresponding smartphone by Sharp, marketed to the Japanese market earlier this year.   SHARP AQUOS R5G features Sharp’s exclusive new evolutionary 6.5″ Pro IGZO display with 120Hz refresh rate and 1 billion color rendering […]

Sharp Taiwan Announced the Acquisition of Local Beauty Chain Grand MIRADA

On July 1,Sharp (Taiwan) Electronics Corporation (STE) announced the acquisition of Mirada, a local beauty chain channel brand. MIRADA has been operating in Taiwan for the past 35 years, with 145 employees. This acquisition is not only important for STE to mark a key step into beauty business, but also with the growing demands for […]

AQUOS 8K TV Malaysia Tourism Commercial Makes Waves at 41st Telly Awards in New York

Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (SEM) has put Malaysia on the map once again, outclassing global giants at the 41st Telly Awards in New York, United Sates of America recently. The awards, which honours excellence in video and television across all screens, presented SEM with the Craft Cinematography and Art Direction Award for its AQUOS […]

#stayhome and Enjoy “Sharp Museum”!

In July 1960, 60 years ago from today, Sharp launched the first color TV in line with the start of color broadcasting in Japan.     The selling price was 500,000 yen. Since the starting salary of civil servants at that time was 10,800 yen, it seems that owning a color TV was quite a […]