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1970 - 1979

  • Changes company name to Sharp Corporation
  • Establishes Sharp Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (name changed to Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation in 1994)
  • Senior Executive Director Akira Saeki named president, President Tokuji Hayakawa named chairman
  • Constructs Advanced Development and Planning Center
  • Implements business group system
  • Releases gallium arsenide double LED
  • Establishes Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty. Ltd. (SCA) as sales base in Australia
  • Awarded the 1970 Okochi Memorial Production Prize for incorporating ELSIs in calculators
  • Releases company’s first copier
  • Launches new sales company system (regional sales companies consolidated into 16 companies by region)
  • Launches S734 Project for developing COS calculators
  • Adds Sharp Grand Award to annual employee commendation
  • Opens Consumer Information Centers at nine service companies throughout Japan
  • Establishes Sharp System Products Co., Ltd.
  • Forms Sharp Employee Stockholder Association
  • Establishes Business Philosophy, Business Creed, and Basic Business Principles
  • Sets up employee savings scheme
  • Establishes Sharp Data Corporation (SDA) (name changed to Sharp Korea Corporation [SKC] in 1984) as manufacturing base in Korea
  • Begins production of CMOS LSIs; releases pocket-sized COS calculator with LCD
  • Holds first company-wide QC circle convention
  • Constructs former Sharp Tokyo Building (Sharp Tokyo Ichigaya Building)
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. (SECL) as sales base in Canada
  • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SRC) as manufacturing base in Malaysia (name changed to S&O Electronics [Malaysia] Sdn. Bhd. [SOEM] in 2008)
  • Launches ELM products
  • Formulates company-wide quality standards (SS: Sharp Corporation Standards)
  • Begins mass production of color TVs at SCA in Australia
  • Launches New Life product strategy
  • Sharp solar cells installed on Ume, Japan’s first operational ionosphere-observing satellite
  • Establishes Sharp System Service
  • Launches Special Project Team system
  • Tokusen Metal Limited Partnership certified as special subsidiary of Sharp Corporation
  • Installs automated production line for the complete fabrication of calculators (awarded the Okochi Memorial Production Prize in 1981)
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Svenska) AB (SES) (name changed to Sharp Electronics [Nordic] AB [SEN] in 2000) as sales base in Sweden
  • Sharp Manufacturing Company of America (SMCA) starts operations as production division of SEC
  • Establishes SBC Software

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