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Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp Founder

Story of Founder Tokuji Hayakawa - Chronology

Tokuji Hayakawa's Background
Experiencing Work and Human Kindness
September 15, 1912: Tokuji Sets Up His Own Business
Invention of the Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil
Never Giving Up Until Making the Sale, No Matter What
September 1―The Fateful Day When Everything Was Lost
Making a Comeback in Osaka, a New Land
“This Is It!”-An Instinct that the Era of Radio Would Come
Foresight Not Only for Products, but Also in Developing Sales Channels
Growing as a Radio Manufacturer
Developing a New Conveyor, Striving for Production Efficiency
Thinking Back on His Own Misfortune―Building a Place for Young People to Learn
Even in Wartime, Constantly Striving for Business Continuity
Moving Toward Postwar Reconstruction―Starting With Repair Services
Gratitude to the Visually Impaired―Establishing a Special Metalworking Plant
Twenty Years after Predicting the Age of Television, Achieving a Long-Cherished Wish
A Spirit of Service that Impressed the Social Entrepreneurs of the World
Tokuji's Conviction: There Will Soon Be “One Television Set Per Household”
Opening a Day-Care Center to See the Smiles of Children Opening the Ikutoku-en Nursery School
Business Friends Across the Sea Ultimately Become Friends Dedicated to Service
Predicting the Future: “The Biggest Challenge Will Be to Make Use of the Heat and Light of the Sun”
“Make Products that Others Want to Imitate”
A Life of Always Moving Forward, Always Looking One Step Ahead

Story of Founder Tokuji Hayakawa - Manga contents

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