AR-6131NV/6120NV  AR-6031NV/6026NV

Expandable MFPs Give Office
Efficiency a 3-in-1 Boost

The AR-6131NV/6120NV/6031NV/6026NV/6023NV/6020NV accommodates A3 paper and packs three business-essential functions copy, print, and colour scan in one compact but sturdy unit. Along with advanced functionality and impressive quality, these B/W MFPs offer network compatibility that puts a whole host of productivity-boosting features within reach of small workgroups. Designed for easy expansion, these user-friendly solutions are both hardware- and software-upgradeable.

User-Friendly Control Panel

With its large, clear LCD, the logically designed control panel makes it easy for users to understand and access MFP settings and functions and brings total ease of use. The control panel also features one-touch keys that provide quick access to frequently used functions. And two LED lamps one red and the other green light up to notify users of machine status.

Convenient Full-Colour Network Scanning

The AR-6131NV/6120NV/6031NV/6026NV/6023NV/6020NV excels as a full-colour network scanner. Quickly convert any type of paper-based document into a TIFF, PDF, or JPEG and send it to one of six pre-registered destinations. Scanned files can be sent as e-mail attachments, sent directly to a PC desktop*1, or scanned directly to an FTP server, USB drive, or mobile device*2. It’s all so easy—just tap the Scan Mode button, select a pre-registered destination, and press Start.

  • *1 Requires Network Scanner Tool Lite.
  • *2 Mobile device must have Sharpdesk Mobile app installed.

Example of Assigning Buttons

Scan to E-mail A/B/C

Scanned files can be sent as an attachment to any e-mail address over the Internet.

Scan to FTP Server

Scanned files can be stored on a file server where they can be easily accessed from any PC on the network.

Scan to USB Drive

Scanned files can be stored directly on a USB drive.

Scan to Desktop*1
or Mobile Device*2

Scanned files can be forwarded directly to your PC or a mobile device.

  • Note: Buttons 1–6 must be assigned a scan destination in advance.
    Scan to Desktop and Scan to Mobile Device can be assigned to Button 6 only.
    Choose which one you would like to assign.
  • *1 Requires Network Scanner Tool Lite.
  • *2 Mobile device must have Sharpdesk Mobile app installed.

Automatic Document Feeding

A RSPF (reversing single pass feeder)* efficiently feeds in up to 100 sheets of either one- or two-sided originals.

      • * Standard on AR-6131NV/6120NV.
          AR-6031NV/6026NV/6023NV/6020NV requires optional RSPF.

100-sheet RSPF

Built-in Stackless Duplex Module

The AR-6131NV/6120NV/6031NV/6026NV/6023NV/6020NV can make two-sided printouts using its built-in stackless duplex module. This effectively reduces paper costs and saves filing space. Duplex copying is even more effective when used together with the RSPF*.

  • * Standard on AR-6131NV/6120NV.
      AR-6031NV/6026NV/6023NV/6020NV requires optional RSPF.


Effective Paper Handling

For large-volume jobs and a wider selection of available paper sizes, these MFPs can accommodate two types of extra trays that increase total paper capacity to 2,100 sheets or 1,850 sheets.*1 These MFPs can accommodate heavy paper up to 200 g/m2*2, expanding the range of possible printing applications.

  • *1 AR-6131NV/6031NV/6026NV: standard 1,100 sheets, maximum 2,100 sheets.
        AR-6120NV/6023NV/6020NV: standard 350 sheets, maximum 1,850 sheets.
  • *2 106–200 g/m2 paper to be fed through multi-bypass tray.

Sharpdesk Mobile*

Sharpdesk Mobile is a mobile print/scan application. With Sharpdesk Mobile, users can import documents scanned on the AR-6131NV/6120NV/6031NV/6026NV/6023NV/
6020NV to their mobile devices for previewing and saving. And files on a mobile device can be printed out on the MFP, sent as e-mail attachments, or used in other applications.

  • * Requires commercially available wireless LAN router; printing requires optional
    AR-PB10. PDF printing additionally requires optional MX-PK10.

    Availability varies by country/region. For details, see the Sharpdesk Mobile support website.

Other Key Features