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The Workflow Enhancer for Simply Better Business

Shift your enterprise up a gear with the forward-thinking MX-M6070/M5070/M4070. This standout black-and-white MFP boasts the same design concept, user-friendly UI, and advanced functions that you see on Sharp’s latest colour MFPs. It’s packed with carefully considered features to help you create, manage, and share beautiful documents. Whether as a central standalone machine or as part of an MFP network, the MX-M6070/M5070/M4070 accelerates document workflow in your office.

Home screen

Simply Better Process

Business owners / directors

Transform the way you use information in your business by connecting one of these new MFPs to a variety of mobile devices and cloud services. Now you don’t have to be confined to the office—you and your team can work anytime, anywhere. The amazing flexibility of these Sharp MFPs can help you grab new business opportunities and boost your bottom line.

Simply Better Experience

Office users

Sharp’s proprietary technologies give each of these MFPs quick warm-up and first copy times. A motion sensor lets you use the machine without feeling like you have to wait. Thanks to their intuitive operation and superb usability, the MX-M6070/M5070/M4070 simplifies even the most complex work processes and help you finish document jobs fast.

Simply Better Admin

IT managers / administrators

These MFPs fit securely and seamlessly into your office system. An advanced security environment and easily viewable administration tools reduce the workload for system administrators and give full support to their management duties.

Key Features

High Productivity
  • DSPF scans documents at 200 opm*1 (two-sided)
  • Wide variety of finishing options, including saddle stitch finishing, manual stapling, and stapleless stapling
  • Most of the MFP’s paper trays accommodate a wide variety of paper sizes up to A3W and weights up to 300 g/m2
  • Print Release function enables printout from any compatible networked MFP*2
  • Direct printing of Microsoft® Office (docx, xlsx, pptx) files*3
  • OCR allows users to convert scanned documents into editable Office Open XML (docx, xlsx, pptx) files and searchable PDFs
  • Image Crop function simultaneously scans multiple photos—or crops photos from a single page—and automatically saves them as separate files
  • Multicrop function automatically creates separate files for different-sized documents scanned simultaneously
  • Supports compact PDF as standard
  • For large-volume scanned data, a URL can be generated and shared via e-mail

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Exceptional Ease of Use
  • Motion sensor detects approaching users and wakes the MFP from Sleep mode, allowing immediate operation
  • Easy UI mode on 10.1-inch colour LCD touchscreen brings smooth and intuitive MFP operation
  • Control panel tilts at various angles for easy access
  • Accessibility-based design complies with US Section 508 and EU Mandate 376

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Superb Image Quality
  • Genuine Adobe® PostScript® 3 as standard
  • Sharp’s proprietary Auto Colour Mode, further improved for enhanced scan performance
  • True 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing

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Secure Information Sharing
  • NFC*4 and QR Code® enable easy direct connection between MFP and mobile device
  • Supports various mobile printing services
  • Sharpdesk Mobile print/scan application connects the MFP to mobile devices via wireless LAN*5
  • Easy access to public cloud services via single sign-on*6
  • Sends scanned data via Gmail™ or Microsoft Exchange/Online accounts
  • Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture)*7 allows integration with network and cloud-based applications
  • Supports S/MIME for secure e-mail communications*8
  • Advanced data protection and access control

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Environmentally Advanced Design
  • Low-melting-point Mycrostoner-CAP helps reduce MFP’s energy consumption
  • Power ON/OFF Schedule function automatically turns the MFP on or off per administrator-set schedules

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  • *1: Originals per minute; when feeding A4 (8 1/2" x 11") sheets.
  • *2: There is a limit to the maximum number of connectable MFPs. Contact a Sharp representative for details.
  • *3: This function is enabled via DirectOffice™ technology.
  • *4: The NFC interface is for Android™ devices.
  • *5: Availability varies by country/region.
  • *6: Requires optional MX-AMX2.
  • *7: Requires optional MX-AMX2 and/or MX-AMX3.
  • *8: Only when e-mailing scanned data.