Completion of Mongolia’s*1 first ever large-scale solar power plant!

The first ever large-scale solar power plant for Mongolia*1 has been constructed in Darkhan City, located approximately 230 km from the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. The power plant started commercial operation on January 1st, and the completion ceremony was held on January 19th.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Aerial view of the large-scaled solar power plant


The “10MW Solar Power Project in Darkhan City” is a joint project between Shigemitsu Shoji Co., Ltd.*2, a local corporation in Mongolia*3, and our company. The plant covers an area of over 290,000m2. Our company’s photovoltaic modules have been installed in an extremely extensive space equivalent to almost 40 football fields, to contribute to the promotion of renewable energy.

Mongolia is dependent on coal as their main energy source. Efforts are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing clean energy through technology and know-how related to solar power, which has been nurtured within our company to this point.

We will also contribute towards the reduction target of greenhouse gas emissions for Japan as well through the Financing Program based on the Joint Crediting Mechanism*4 conducted by the Ministry of Environment.


  • *1 As of January 19, 2017. Research by Sharp.
  • *2 A trading firm handling building materials and textiles such as towels. The company has taken on solar energy as their new business angle, and currently has eight power plants (totaling 9.2MW) within Japan. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, President: Gegen Tana)
  • *3 Solar Power International LLC (Headquarters: Mongolia, Darkhan City, President: Mr. Mandalbayar)
  • *4 “Financing Programme for Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM) Model Projects”.is a program that records/reports/evaluates greenhouse gas reduction effects within developing countries through CO2 reduction activities, by applying technology such as advanced technology from Japan. The reduction amount calculated from these activities will be added up as reduction credits for Japan to receive financial support for up to 50% of initial costs toward leading low carbon technology operations under the JCM scheme.


July 2016

July 19 Signing ceremony for participating companies held in Ulaanbaatar
A signing ceremony for participating companies of the “10MW Solar Power Project in Darkhan City” was held in a special venue at Bayangol Hotel, located in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. The event was a great success with many people from the Mongolian news media gathered at the venue and having operation managers and presidents of participating companies being interviewed.



July 20 Ceremony to pray for safety was held at the Darkhan City construction site
Two priests of Tibetan Buddhism faith came to conduct a Mongolian ceremony equivalent to the purification of four directions and ground-breaking ceremony (tree-planting ceremony) seen in Japan.




August 2016

August 27 Pile driving starts
Construction continues with the cooperation of all workers, overcoming pile-driver machinery failure. We have heard that work proceeded very swiftly once workers got the hang of pile driving.

August 31 Start of frame construction
The grid pattern seen in the lower half of the photograph is piles and frames. Photovoltaic modules are to be installed here.



September 2016

September 17 Start of photovoltaic modules installation
Installation of photovoltaic modules has started after approximately two months after the start of construction. This photograph shows that installation has started from the far end.

Briefing on-site workers on connecting cables and photovoltaic modules.



October 2016

October 22 Installation of photovoltaic modules completed
The installation of photovoltaic modules has been completed. It has been only 57 days from the first pile drive on August 27 to installing frames and installation of all photovoltaic modules, despite the area being as large as approximately 40 football fields.

Local staff proved to be extremely skilled, and there were no major issues once they got a hang of their work. They delivered more than the initial plan, within a harsh environment of snow and short construction deadlines, and were awarded by Solar Power International LLC*3.



December 2016

December 10 Initial power to the 110kV booster transformer successful
Staff members looked on and broke out with applause and cheers once the charging sound of the booster transformer was heard.


We have received a photograph of our employees staying in Mongolia for this project. They told us that some winter mornings in Darkhan City saw temperatures nearing -20°C.


January 2017

January 19 Completion ceremony held
Over 100 individuals from the Mongolian government, Darkhan City municipal administration, Japanese government, electric companies, local construction firms, equipment manufacturers, shipping companies, telecommunications companies, and law firms gathered to participate in the ceremony.

Our RoBoHoN also attended the ceremony holding the flags for Mongolia and Japan in its hands. Although the temperature was low, there was not a cloud in the sunny sky. The photovoltaic modules were shining under the blue skies, after being cleared of snow with sheep wool mops first thing in the morning.

The ceremony followed Mongolian custom and started off with a prayer from Tibetan Buddhist monks. After prayers, traditional music featuring Mongolia’s morin khuur and singing was featured. The beautiful melodies from this presentation resounded across the snowy plains and deeply moved the ceremony participants.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate completion of construction was held in -30°C temperatures that numbed people’s hands. The venue was full of a celebratory mood, with applause from the audience.


After the ceremony, a reception party was held in a Darkhan City hotel. We received a certificate of recognition from Darkhan City as the largest investment made to the city.

We received a certificate of recognition from Darkhan City

From the left, Mr. Enebish, the Director of Solar Power International LLC,
our very own Tatsuya Sato, Deputy General Manager of Energy Solutions Business Unit, Overseas Business Department,
Ms. Gegen Tana, the President of Shigemitsu Shoji Co., Ltd,
and Mr. Mandalbayar, the General Director of Solar Power International LLC


Three members of our company, Technology Managers and Project Managers, were presented technology medals from the Mongolian government as highly competent engineers that contributed to the development of energy in Mongolia. The medals featured a design of a transmission line tower.

Our Technology Manager also received a gold medal from the Mongolian Department of Energy to commend contributions toward the energy situation in Mongolia. Our company has also cooperated in electrification through solar power technology for a village that had no electricity 15 years ago, contributing towards the energy situation in Mongolia.


We also received a Darkhan Friendship Medal from Darkhan City, for our contributions toward economy, society and culture.



Sharp Solar

(Press Release) Sharp and Shigemitsu Shoji to Participate in the First*1 Large Scale Solar Power Plant Business in Mongolia



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