“TV in the near Future” Revealed at Hackathon Hosted by SHARP

“What is the value of a television? Can that be changed?” This is a report about the three exciting days where challengers faced these vague questions. From November 10 to 12, a hackathon event targeting TVs “Future AQUOS Hackathon in SHARP Tech-Day,” was held at SHARP Tech-Day, a large-scale independent event held by the company […]

SHARP Tech-Day is on! Experience the near future with Sharp’s latest technologies

Sharp is holding its first ever independent large scale technology exhibition event SHARP Tech-Day from today, November 10 to 12 at TOKYO Big Site East Hall 8. This event commemorates the companies 111th anniversary this year. Under the theme “Be a Game Changer – Game-changing technologies transforming our future –,“ SHARP Tech-Day is held together […]

Behind-the-scene interview with the developers of digital full-color MFPs ‘BP Series’ sold globally

Sharp started its documents business in 1972 to meet the demands for copying at offices, and last year it celebrated its 50th anniversary in business. Over that time, MFPs have evolved from analog to digital, monochrome to color, and telephone lines to Ethernet and cloud / external collaboration. Based on the technology and know-how accumulated […]