Sharp commemorates its 111th anniversary – “Sharp Technology Day” will be held on November 11, 2023

On April 17, Sharp held an event commemorating its 111th anniversary at its Makuhari Office (Mihama-Ku, Chiba). About 500 stakeholders, including members of the Hayakawa family, the founding family of our company, members of the House of Representatives, ambassadors to Japan from various countries, local governments we have business ties, and business partners who have […]

Improves operability with “Click Display” near-future device ②

In the previous issue, we introduced the features of “Click Display” and the background of its development. In this issue, we will introduce the mechanism of pressure detection and responses of visitors to our exhibit at CES2023, a technology trade show held in the U.S. Continuing from the previous interview, we spoke with Yuki and […]

A click feeling as if you were pressing a button even if there is no button! What is the “Click Display”, a device of the near future? ①

Displays for smartphones and home appliances are generally equipped with touch panels that allow users to input data by touching the screen with their fingers. In recent automobiles, touch panel equipped displays with flat designs have also begun to be introduced in center consoles, where audio, air conditioning, and car navigation systems are operated. Touch […]