SHARP Tech-Day is on! Experience the near future with Sharp’s latest technologies

SHARP Tech-Day Venue

Sharp is holding its first ever independent large scale technology exhibition event SHARP Tech-Day from today, November 10 to 12 at TOKYO Big Site East Hall 8. This event commemorates the companies 111th anniversary this year.

Under the theme “Be a Game Changer – Game-changing technologies transforming our future –,“ SHARP Tech-Day is held together with technology partners showcasing products and services leading to innovation of the world and can also be experienced at the venue.

Here, I would like to introduce some topics from Day 1 of SHARP Tech-Day.

First, at the opening ceremony prior to the grand opening, President and CEO Robert Wu greeted our guests, followed by an opening speech by Mototaka Taneya, Executive Managing Officer, CTO and Head of R & D.

President and CEO Robert Wu

Mototaka Taneya, Executive Managing Officer, CTO and Head of R & D


■「SHARP Tech-Day」Exhibitions

Four zones are set up in the venue, namely Smart Living, Smart Industry, Smart Cities, and Sustainability. Sharp’s latest technology is featured in each zone showing how it can contribute to development of future living and work style.



●Smart Living

Theme:“Less is More” 

Visitors can experience technology centering AI how we can realize “less” worries in households and AI bring “more” luxury to living.

・AI Partner

This features Sharp’s AI technology “CE-LLM (Communication Edge-LLM)” under development applied to Sharp’s wearable speaker “Sound Partner” to support people’s living.
It switches using cloud AI and edge AI depending on the given questions, and realizes optimum and smooth responses.


・Other pick-up exhibitions

AI avatar (virtual explainer) installed with CE-LLM introduces exhibitions

AI Healthcare platform for TV realizing healthcare and exercise in your living room

Hair dryer realizing less noise while strong air blow

Powerful stick cleaner realizing unprecedented less noise

Built-in type ultra-high speed oven largely reducing cooking time



●「Smart Industry

Theme:“Better Efficiency” 

RX (Robotics Transformation) supporting various work styles smartly and proposing a more swift and efficient industry development.

AI Olfactory Sensor

This is a sensor replicating olfactory sense utilizing unique sensor from display board technology and AI. By visualizing aroma such as from wine and perfume, it can be used in quality control etc.

A demonstration of detecting type of wine(AI Olfactory Sensor)

・Other pick-up exhibitions

XR demonstration with languages and supplementary information appearing in vision

High-level stacker robot (robot storage system)



●「Smart Cities」

Theme:“Better Safety” 

Technology bringing safety and security to living by AI controlling vehicle driving and technology useful at hazardous situation can be experienced.

・AI driving improvement instruction solution

This is a solution instructing driving improvements by AI after collecting data from driving recorders.
Not only does it alert danger to the driver, but by analyzing collected driving data by AI and simulating with superior driver data, it supports improving safety driving skills.

・Other pick-up exhibitions

Instant 5G Network installing all system in a transportable carry bag realizing a local 5G environment

Ultra water saving washing system purifying and reusing water after washing to enable repeated washing with limited water resource




Theme:“Greener Energy” 

Technology creating future renewable energy and taking on environmental issues by improving power efficiency are exhibited.

・Space solar sheet

This uses compound multijunction solar cell suitable for space use with high efficiency, light weight and flexibility.
It is installed on SLIM, a small type lunar exploration satellite that was successfully launched this September, as its main power source.

・Other pick-up exhibitions

LC-LH power generating device with indoor light fusing dye-sensitized solar cells LCD display technology

Indoor low power consumption display ePoster


At the venue, innovative products and services that can change the world can be experienced on hand, while at the main stage, there will be speeches by leading experts in various fields and panel discussions to entertainment shows inviting comedians and others. There will also be areas for startups and job-hunting people to interact. Furthermore, we will be holding a Hackathon under the theme “Let’s change the value of TVs!” Results will be announced on the final day, making the overall event enjoyable for various people from business persons to the general public to students and family members.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the venue.

Gifts will be handed out to all visitors.

We will be holding lucky draws where you can win Sharp products.

There is a food court at the venue with bento, sandwich and desserts on sale.

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「SHARP Tech-Day」
■Press Release:Sharp to hold SHARP Tech-Day from November 10 to 12

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