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AIoT World

AIoT Product Experience Zone (Smart home products, AIoT solutions, Smart office, Smart ECO)

AIoT World Stage

Inside the home, IoT products learn users’ habits and preferences, and seamlessly combine with knowledge from life outside the home in order to provide optimal services. It’s smart digital living that connects users to their society with comfort, convenience, and heart.

AIoT Products Experience Zone

Smart Home Products

We present examples of collaborations of AIoT-related products and various COCORO+ services that Sharp takes pride in, while also giving demonstrations related to further expansion in the future.
To support busy working housewives while enhancing the dinner table, Sharp’s smart kitchen provides a Meal Kit Delivery Service that makes full use of AIoT through tie-ups with food processing companies.
Attendees will also experience the evolution of AQUOS: from an appliance that merely relays television broadcasts to people-oriented AIoT TV.

AIoT Solutions

In addition to presenting solutions based on AIoT products such as Home Assistant and RoBoHoN, Sharp will also introduce the AIoT Platform and industry-specific solutions, as well as solutions through alliances with other companies.

Smart Office

We will show new work solutions ideal for smart offices made possible by linking smart-connected collaboration spaces, table displays, and Sharp’s high-resolution BIG PAD interactive LCD monitors. Visitors can experience the BIG PAD by trying out its intuitive touch-operation and by seeing firsthand the convenience of conference support functions based on practical applications of AI.
In addition, Sharp will introduce the concept of convenient “huddle” meetings free of location constraints, made possible by combining a 40-inch BIG PAD and batteries.

Smart ECO

Sunlight falling on the roof is converted to electricity, and sunlight shining into windows is used to light the room. Home Assistant delivers a smart and ecological lifestyle that maximizes natural energy so residents can minimize their electricity bills. Its cloud-based HEMS (Home Energy Management System) works together with storage batteries to optimally manage the electricity generated.