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AGEs sensor
SHARP IoT.make Bootcamp

bitescan is a new health care tool that promotes health by helping people chew their food better.

Attendees can experience how bitescan promotes good health: simply fit it over your ears to measure the number and speed of chewing strokes while you are eating, then link with the cloud and AI technologies for suggestions on improving your chewing.

AGEs Sensor simply and easily measures the level of accumulated AGEs (advanced glycation end-products)

AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) have been attracting attention in recent years due to their connection to the human aging process. By measuring the actual level of AGEs accumulated in the body, visitors can check where they rank by comparing accumulation levels with other individuals of the same age.

funband targets professional baseball fans and is being developed in collaboration with three Japanese professional baseball teams

Sharp will give attendees a firsthand look at funband, a new initiative that utilizes the AIoT platform being deployed together with the three teams (Hiroshima Toyo Carp, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, and Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars)

Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Monitoring Robot—commercial remote monitoring system

Sharp will be exhibiting a robotic unit, already on the market in the United States, that is used for remote monitoring of large factories and warehouses. Visitors will see the system in action as it uses its operating software and camera-guided monitoring functions.

TEKION LAB—an internal corporate venture from Sharp’s R & D Business Group

TEKION LAB, an internal corporate venture, was launched in March of this year. Its focus is the application of cold storage materials—developed using Sharp’s proprietary thermal energy storage technologies—to the field of gourmet food. We present a look at the future of food, including an insulated bag that enables users to enjoy alcohol stored at subzero temperatures and a special cold tray for chocolates.

Sharp Open Incubation “SHARP IoT.make Bootcamp”

This program was launched in October of last year to support start-up companies that utilize manufacturing technologies and know-how that Sharp has nurtured over the course of many years. Sharp presents videos focusing on interviews with administrators and participants who have brought the energy and enthusiasm of new business ideas to Sharp and have been an integral part of creating new ecosystems with these business ventures.