IFA 2019

The incredible detail of Sharp’s 8K creates new experiences that will add real value to society.

Sharp is a step ahead in realizing the possibilities of 8K. As the leader in this field, we plan to release our “8K World” lineup for consumers.

See and hear the future.

We’ve launched the world’s first professional-use 8K camcorder.

8K video creation is going global.

With next-generation 5G mobile networks, the data loads of 8K video won’t be a problem.

Ultra-detailed 8K images will be smoothly relayed to monitors almost anywhere.

Sharp’s 8K technology is changing the landscape in offices and on the streets.

Our multi-displays can be seen in transportation, commercial, and business applications. The thin-bezel displays make a smart way to provide high-definition 8K information.

8K is changing the face of education.

View paintings and other artwork in stunning detail with the 8K Content Viewer.

An ultra-high-definition camera takes pictures to create content with far more detail than you could ever see in an art museum.

8K immerses you in a richly detailed, totally new learning experience.

The products we’ve seen so far have come from Sharp’s industry collaborations. They’re part of our advancing and increasingly widespread 8K + 5G Ecosystem.

A combination of AI and IoT, “AIoT” is a word Sharp invented.

In Japan, we’re making life better by expanding AIoT products and services.

And through our AIoT cloud, we’re also partnering with a variety of open services.

We’re now taking our people-oriented AIoT services around the world by working with companies in other industries.

Sharp is making sure pets are properly cared for in the modern family.

Our Pet Care Monitor uses AIoT to measure things like a cat’s weight and urination patterns.

And for dogs, the Vital Statistics Service uses a wearable sensor to monitor vital signs.

Your pets can’t tell you how they feel, but Sharp can.

In the workplace, Sharp is making business more effective and productive.
We’re doing this by combining our proprietary AIoT platform with cutting-edge devices and technologies.

Sharp is bringing customers the smart life in an increasing number of ways—through AIoT-compatible products, AIoT services, and the AIoT platform.

Sharp is working with a variety of partners to make every aspect of life more people-oriented.
It’s all part of our effort to change the world through 8K+5G and AIoT.