How to Install a Printer Driver [Recommended Standard Installation]   (Tips No.01206)

We recommend downloading and using the latest printer driver from the website instead of using the printer driver in the CD-ROM bundled in the MFP product package.


1. Select a Printer Driver to Install.

Select (1) Country/Region and (2) Category, enter (3) Product Name, and select Language of Driver/Software on "Driver Downloads" page. Click [Next].

The automatically detected OS for server may differ from the actual OS.

If the detected OS is different from the actual OS, click [Select another OS] and select the OS of your PC from the list box.

When the OS cannot be detected automatically.

When a list box appears, select the OS of your PC from the list box.

How to find the OS information of your PC.

To check the OS information of your PC, refer to "What is my OS ? How do I know the bit of my PC ?"

When multiple printer drivers are listed on the download webpage.

Select the driver to fit your environment.

2. Download and Install a Printer Driver.

Click the [Download] button and click the [Run] button on the opened window. If you saved the file, then double-click it.
Depending on your PC environment, sometime the file is automatically saved without opening a window.

An Installation requires an administrator privileges.

  • - Right-click the stored file and click [Run as an administrator] on the displayed menu to execute the installation.
  • - Enter the admin password if necessary.

3. Specify Where to Save the File.

Check where to save the file then click the [Next] button.

4. Select Installation Method.

Click the [Standard installation] icon.

When "Select a type of installation." screen appears.

When [Add a new Sharp printer] icon is clicked, the screen goes to the [Choose an installation method] screen.
This screen appears when a MFP using the same printer driver is registered or a previous version of the printer driver has already been installed.

5. Select a MFP to install.

Check the box of MFP to be installed and click the [Next] button.
* The printer drivers displayed on this screen can be installed at the same time.

Convenient function - Install the printer drivers for multiple MFPs at once.

When only one MFP is detected.

This screen is not displayed, but the screen of 6. is displayed.

If no MFP(s) detected.

6. Check the MFP to Install and Start Copying Files.

Check the displayed information and click the [Next] button to start file-copying process.
* Do not remove the check for "Run the Auto configuration".

When a security warning window pops up.

There is no problem with the printer driver so please click a button to continue the installation.

7. Print Test Page and Check Whether the Printer Driver is Successfully Installed.

Once the completion screen for the installation is displayed, click the [Print test page] button and check whether the test page is printed.

8. "Select the Printer Driver Set as the Default Driver.

Select the default printer driver.

What is the default printer?

  • - Set the printer usually used as the [default printer].
  • - Select [Don't change] when you do not want to change the current [default printer].
  • - The printer can be changed to another printer when printing.

9. Finish the Driver Installation.

Click the [Finish] button.

When a message appears to prompt the user to restart the PC.

Click the [Yes] button to restart your PC.

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Setting after installation

How to set paper trays and/or finishers on the printer driver.
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