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SHARP's Original Variable Lens Shift Control
Variable Lens Shift Control Function
Enables Simple and Speedy Projection Settings for Best Viewing Pictures

Conventional projectors must be mounted right in the front and centre facing the screen to a get a full picture without distortion. When projected on a slant, distorted trapezoidal pictures should be digitally corrected. However, this is effective only vertically, or horizontally. Plus, after correction the picture is worse because the correction method is thinned.
Paying careful attention to the delicate movements of fingertips, Sharp with its advanced optical technology has developed a new lens shift mechanism that can adjust the projection position easily and freely horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. This mechanism enables finger-touch control to obtain proper projection for the best position viewing where the projection body doesn't bother viewers. Also, unlike with digital correction, the picture remains undistorted after the projection is optically corrected.


Full Range of Basic Features to Expand Projection Possibilities
Bright and Easy-to-see Pictures Even from a Compact Body
1200/1080 ANSI Lumen Brightness

Incorporating Sharp optoelectronics technology, the PG-B10S provides 1200 ANSI lumen brightness in Standard mode and is switchable to 1080 ANSI lumen in Eco mode in spite of its compact body.

32dB Low Fan Noise

The projector employs an Eco mode and a newly developed separate cooling system for reducing fan noise, eliminating annoying fan noise even in quiet meeting conditions.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The PG-B10S boasts a compact, full-size design of 294 mm (W) x 92 mm (H) x 222 mm (D) (main body only) with a 2.7-kg lightweight body, accompanying you with your PC to provide presentations anywhere.

Short Throw Lens

The Short Throw Lens makes large-screen presentation possible even in a small meeting room.
(Shortest projection distance is 3m to project a 100" 4:3 picture.)


Intuitive Layout of Buttons and Terminal Layout

For intuitive button layout, essential and frequently used buttons for basic operation, setup and image adjustment are located close together and arranged into colour groups, allowing simple and speedy setup and operation.

Excellent PC Compatibility
Excellent Compatibility with a Wide Range of Computer Input Signals

The PG-B10S is truly SVGA compatible. In addition, SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050) and SXGA (1,280 x 1024) are also compatible in intelligent compression*1 for natural, smooth and clear PC display projection.
  • Horizontal Frequency: 15-70 kHz
  • Vertical Frequency: 43-85 Hz
  • Pixel Clock: 12-108 MHz
*1 XGA, SXGA and SXGA+ images will be displayed in Intelligent Compression.

sRGB Compatibility

sRGB Compatibility, the international standard for colour reproductivity, faithfully reproduces on PC displays the colour tones, phases, and gradations of the original pictures.

Auto Response Adjust (ARA)

One touch automatically synchronises subtly different projection signals from connected PCs.

Superior Video Image Quality
Big-Screen Projection of DVD*2 software

With the merging of advanced technology from theatre projectors and high-grade television, the PG-B10S provides high-quality pictures for DVDs, Hi-vision broadcasts and education videos in large-screen projection. The projector is also compatible with worldwide broadcast signals such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM.
*2 A separate DVD player is needed for viewing DVDs.

Other Outstanding Features
  • Digital Keystone Correction compensates for picture distortion
  • Simple Key Lock and Anti-Theft Function
  • Sharp Original Pull-Down Menu GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Built-In 1W Speaker
  • Enlarge & Freeze
  • Picture Setting Memory

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