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High-Brightness Picture
4000 ANSI Lumen High Brightness with Unique Dual Lamp System

With Sharp’s advanced DLP™ Optical Engine with DMD™ and dual 250W high-brightness lamps, the XG-PH50X achieves 4000 ANSI lumen high brightness and excellent uniformity, delivering bright, clear images in large highly-lit rooms.

4-Mode Single/Dual Lamp Switchover

Choose the lamp arrangement to suit your needs. With dual lamp projection the XG-PH50X delivers high-luminance pictures in a huge room: 4000 ANSI lumen in Standard mode and 3000 ANSI lumen in Eco mode. Even single lamp projection provides sufficient brightness for mid-size to large rooms: 2000 ANSI lumen in Standard mode and 1500 ANSI lumen in Eco mode. Single lamp use also lessens lamp replacement frequency. Plus, even if one lamp burns out, projection performance can be maintained by using the other lamp without interruption.

Cutting Edge DLP™ Technology
DLP™ System*

The XG-PH50X employs a DLP™ system for the display device that controls the DMD™ (Digital Micromirror Device) chip, which contains many thousands of micromirrors on the silicon chip, reflecting light to display images.
* Digital Light Processing, DLP and DLP medallion are trademarks of Texas Instruments.
Long-life High-Performance DMD™ Panel

DMD™ silicon chip formation with finely structured mirrors provides stable performance and delivers high-quality pictures for longer periods. The DMD™ chip in the XG-PH50X achieves a lifetime of 20,000 hours*.
Also, because there is no burn-in or remaining afterimage, the projectors are ideal for still picture projection such as for guidance board applications and projecting CAD images.
* The lifespan is measured at the surrounding temperature of 25°C.
* This is a reference value and is not guaranteed.

1000:1 High Contrast for Big Screen Projection

The DLP™ optical system prevents light leakage compared with LCD projection and provides sharper blacks in black parts and a 1000:1 high contrast ratio.

Sealed Optics

The optical mechanism of DLP™ system projectors is sealed in its structure, preventing dust, dirt and smoke from entering core parts of the optics to a much greater degree.

Flexible Lens System
Powered Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shift Control

The powered lens shift control mechanism enables easy horizontal and vertical lens shift positioning to get the best viewing picture, even when the projector is mounted on a shelf or the ceiling.
Six Interchangeable Lenses

The XG-PH50X may be used with six optional interchangeable lenses to meet a wide variety of applications and projection situations.
The lenses cover projection distances from 1.6m up to 14.2m for a 100" screen and projection of a screen from 40” to 300”. Choose the one which best suits your projection conditions such as the room size, projection distance and projected picture size.

True XGA Image Quality
Advanced Compatibility with High-End PCs, Workstations and DTV

  • Horizontal frequency: 15-126 kHz
  • Vertical frequency: 43-200 Hz
  • Pixel clock: 12-230 MHz
  • Compatible with sync. on green/composite sync. (TTL) signals
  • Compatible with workstations (SUN, SGI, IBM, HP)
  • HDTV/DTV Compatible: 480I/P, 540P, 576I/P, 720P, 1035I, 1080I
  • UXGA (1,600 x 1,200), SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) and Macintosh 21" (1,280 x 1,024) Compatible in Advanced Intelligent Compression (AICS)
  • True XGA (1,024 x 768), SVGA, VGA and Macintosh (19"/16"/13") Compatible
  • Compatible with HDCP digital signal

CV-IC (Computer & Video Integrated Composer) II System Technology
Colour Management System

The level of colour shade, chroma and tone can be set for each of six colours (red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta), making possible more subtle adjustment of colour.
sRGB Compatibility

sRGB Compatibility, the colour reproductivity standard defined by the International Colour Consortium, provides faithful reproduction of the original pictures in colour hue, tone and gradation on a computer display.

Enhanced Three-Two Pull Down (NTSC)*

Detecting the video source (DVD software) recorded in 24 frame/sec. format, the XG-PH50X can beautifully reproduce natural high-quality pictures without blur by converting into 60 frame/sec. progressive images.

*This model is equipped with Two-Two Pull Down for PAL signals including 50 frames/second for PAL images.

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction circuits perform high-level noise analysis, reducing picture blur, and providing clear pictures comfortable on the eyes.

Pattern Matching Motion Detective PMD-IP Conversion

With conventional Motion Detective IP conversion, horizontally slanted lines and edges become a dotted or jagged line when moved. With Pattern Matching Motion Detective PMD-IP Conversion, correlated pattern matching that was impossible with pixel conversion is measured by sampling the pattern information with a length of visual data. The resulting new pattern in the middle produces horizontally slanted lines and smoothes edges, providing high-quality pictures.

The scale control filters depending on the characteristics of the input picture to provide a high-quality image.


The XG-PH50X can add video images onto a data screen image, resulting in even more effective presentations.

Network Connectivity
LAN Connection

Incorporating terminals for LAN connection as standard features, the XG-PH50X enables turning the power on or off and switching inputs without using special software. It is also possible on a network to monitor and control projectors for overall execution.

Remote Access and Management

Newly developed web browser control* enables remote access and management of the projector without special software. In addition, it sends e-mail to a maximum of five appointed addresses when detecting something wrong such as the lamp going out, unusual heating or cooling fan breakdown.
* Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Control System Compatibility

The XG-PH50X provides superior compatibility with various control systems such as Crestron, AMX and Extron.
Multiple Projector Management

A management PC with Sharp Display Manager* installed can control multiple projectors individually. In addition, group setting is possible for the groups formed from these projectors, to control each group separately.
* Sharp Display Manager can be downloaded from the Sharp Global Home Page for free.

Software Download

Presentation Convenience
New Digital Keystone Correction

Conventional systems have difficulty adjusting a slanted screen horizontally and vertically without jag lines. The new system easily compensates for pictures projected on angles both horizontally and vertically by only spotting four points on the screen.
Even when projection on an angle is needed, preparation and adjustment are quick and easy, allowing you to start presentations smoothly and without hassle.
Super-Quiet Operation

The new intelligent multiple-fan control system eliminates annoying sound during presentations and meetings.

Projection type Fan noise
Standard mode 35 dB
Eco mode 33 dB

Remote Control with Mouse

Screen displaying presentation software such as PowerPoint® can be easily moved forward/backward and the cursor can be moved by remote control.

Wide Range of Connection Terminals

The projector is equipped with a wide variety of AV/PC terminals including HDCP-compatible DVI terminals to meet the needs of digital content.

Presentation Support Tools

(Break Timer, Enlarge, Freeze, Black Screen)

Other Outstanding Features
  • Simple Stacking Projection
  • Simple Video Wall
  • High-Speed Auto Response Adjust (ARA)
  • Sharp Original Pull-Down Menu GUI (Graphical User Interface): 11 languages selectable
  • High-Quality Video Circuits (3D Y/C Separation, Digital Comb Filter, Noise Reduction, Colour Transient and Y Delay, Colour Temperature Adjustment)
  • New Auto Search
  • Image Capture
  • Key Lock Function
  • System Lock Function

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