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Cutting Edge Technology Provides High-Quality Picture
Brilliant Color
BrilliantColor™ Technology with Six-Segment Colour Wheel

BrilliantColor™ technology improves picture brilliance particularly for intermediate colours, providing natural, detailed images. Sharp has also developed a 3x Speed Colour Wheel with six colour segments including yellow and cyan added to red, green, blue, and white. 3x Speed Colour with Sharp’s unique colour matching technology and these six colour combinations, images can be reproduced with highly realistic colours.
Six-Segment Colour Wheel
2200:1 High-Contrast, High-Quality Image

By utilizing the DLP® optical system and Sharp’s optical technology, the projectors produce crisp details and sharper blacks in black parts thanks to a 2200:1 high contrast ratio.
Comparison of Dark Scenes*
Comparison of Dark Scenes Comparison of Dark Scenes

Comparison of Text and Graphics*
Comparison of Text and Graphics Comparison of Text and Graphics
PG-F312X   Models in the same class as these generally provide a contrast ratio of 400:1.
DVI Terminal with DLP® System for Full Digital Projection

Full digital projection with the DVI input terminal and DLP® system enables virtually noise-free images from digital sources. The terminal also complies with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to support digital video content in high-definition.

DLP® Digital Image

Using DLP® chip, each pixel is individually composed of one of over a half a million micromirrors to produce a high resolution, and the micromirrors lie at a distance of merely one micron, providing a seamless finely detailed picture. Also, high-speed on/off switching delivers smooth moving scenes.
High-Resolution Seamless Image Comparison*
High-Resolution Seamless Image Comparison
3x Speed Colour Wheel

The projectors employ a colour wheel with an engine speed of up to 3x, improving colour break-up to an invisible level. Also, the non-contact Fluid Dynamic Bearings for the high-speed rotating colour wheel axle have a longer lifespan.
IP Conversion Image Processing

Image Processing provides optimal video performance. The motion-adaptive scan images produce smooth moving scenes and ensure smooth natural lines and edges for 480I and 576I.
IP Conversion from TrueVision™ Image Processing

Outstanding Performance and High-Quality Reliability
High Brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens (PG-F312X), 2600 ANSI lumens (PG-F262X), 2300 ANSI lumens (PG-F212X)

Sharp’s advanced optoelectronics technology maximizes light output, providing crystal clear images in amazingly high brightness.

Low Fan Noise

The DLP® high-speed colour wheel with non-contact Fluid Dynamic Bearings together with multiple ultra-quiet cooling fans reduce unpleasant noise, enabling quiet operation at 29dB in Quiet mode. The operation is so quiet it causes no disturbance even in meetings or school classes.

Filter-Free Design

The DLP® sealed system prevents dust, dirt and smoke from entering core parts of the optics to a much greater degree. The system also needs no filter and less maintenance, resulting in lower cost of ownership and longer use.

Long-Life High-Performance DLP® Picture

With the DLP® technology minimally absorbing high-output light, the projectors maintain uniform colour reproduction capability for a long period of time.
Also, DLP® chip formation with finely structured mirrors provides stable performance and delivers high-quality pictures for longer periods. The DLP® chip contributes to a long lifespan.
In addition, because there is no burn-in or remaining afterimage, the projectors are ideal for still picture projection such as for guidance board applications and projecting CAD images.
Long-Life High-Performance DLP™ Picture
After 4,100 hours
(The picture shows no significant
deterioration even after using the DLP® chip 4,100 hours.)
• By RIT/Munsell Colour Science Laboratory Test

Intuitive Design and Functions to Support Presentation Convenience
Front Exhaust Engine

The new projector series has an exhaust engine on the front so that the viewers can remain focused on the screen without distractions of noise and air which may disturb viewers.
Front Exhaust Engine
Direct Power Off Switching

Direct Power Off lets users immediately unplug the projector and take it from the location. In addition, it also helps control the power simultaneously for multiple projectors by using the room’s primary power switch with the auto restart function.

Quick Start

It takes only approx. 3 seconds to project the image.

Setup Guide for Interactive Operation

The Setup Guide provides intuitive OSD images to show the next step interactively for setup including focus, zoom and height adjustment.
Setup Guides
Setup Guides
Setup guide is displayed after the projector is turned on.
Interactive Help Menu

The Help Menu displays any problems and assists the user in solving problems with operation.
Help Menu
Remote Control
Presentation Assist Remote Control

A variety of functions can all be performed with the projector remote control to aid your presentations including mouse control and page up and down. In addition, the following functions have been added for further performance.
Pointers: Five pointer icon shapes can be used to impressively draw attention to your subject.
Spotlights: Three spotlight sizes, ranging from 1/25 to 1/9 or 1/8 the screen, provide visual effects to focus on the specified subject.
One-touch Advanced Picture Mode
One-touch Advanced Picture Mode

Quickly and directly choose the appropriate settings for the picture mode and lamp brightness to match the intended application.

Multiple Connections for aWide Range of Applications
Multiple Input Terminals

Projectors can be connected to DVD players, cable or satellite boxes, laptop and desktop computers, HDTV tuners, VCRs and video game consoles. DVI-I and D-sub terminals (in/out) are also provided.
Multiple Input Terminals

Other Outstanding Features
  • Condenser Lens Optics
    Crisp detail, sharper black and ghost-less image.
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios and HDTV/DTV and DVD Compatible
    (1080P, 1080I, 720P, 576P, 576I, 540P, 480P and 480I).
  • Image Shift Function
    Images projected in 16 x 9 format can be vertically shifted for better viewing in limited spaces.
  • Theft Deterrent Functions: “System Lock”
  • Key Lock Function

  • * The pictures in comparison on this page are simulated images for the purpose of explaining features.

    Correlation of the Projector to the Screen
    Correlation of the Projector to the screen
    • Allow a margin of error in the above values.

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