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Free-Swivel 225° Grip
When you're out on the set shooting your latest home movie classic, you need a camera that's ergonomic and easy to use. One like the VL-Z3. Whether shooting from a high angle, from a low angle, or at yourself, you'll love its full 225° swivel grip. Simply adjust the angle for a perfect frame every time.
High-Angle Grip High-Angle Grip Standard Grip Standard Grip
Low-Angle Grip Low-Angle Grip Self-Shooting Grip Self-Shooting Grip
New LCD Technology for Superb Visibility
CG SiliconOn a conventional digital camera, the low luminance of the LCD makes images hard to see in strong light. The VL-Z3 solves this problem at a stroke. Its high-transmissive advanced-system LCD (incorporating innovative CG silicon technology) achieves high luminance and high definition, even under bright sunlight.
(N.B. VL-Z3 achieves 630cd/m2 of brightness under natural light of approx. 100,000 lux.)
The Longer-Shooting Snap-in Battery
Snap-in Battery The VL-Z3's battery snaps snugly out of the way inside the camera's body, where you can leave it even during recharging. This long-life battery gives you the freedom of extended non-stop shooting.
Zoom in and Catch the Action
Don't worry if the action is taking place far away from where you are. You can catch it all – in vivid detail – with the VL-Z3's powerful 10x optical and 500x digital zooms.
Explore the Possibilities of Night-Time Shooting
Two handy modes make it easier than ever to film at night. The Slow Shutter Mode is perfect for capturing slow-moving or stable images. And the Night Lumi Mode adjusts the aperture to shoot bright objects in the dark. Night-Time Shooting

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