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Free-Swivel 225° Grip
When you're out on the set shooting your latest home movie classic, you need a camera that's ergonomic and easy to use. One like the VL-Z7. Whether shooting from a high angle, from a low angle, or at yourself, you'll love its full 225° swivel grip. Simply adjust the angle for a perfect frame every time.
High-Angle Grip High-Angle Grip Standard Grip Standard Grip
Low-Angle Grip Low-Angle Grip Self-Shooting Grip Self-Shooting Grip
New LCD Technology for Superb Visibility
CG SiliconOn a conventional digital camera, the low luminance of the LCD makes images hard to see in strong light. The VL-Z7 solves this problem at a stroke. Its high-transmissive advanced-system LCD (incorporating innovative CG silicon technology) achieves high luminance and high definition, even under bright sunlight.
(N.B. VL-Z7 achieves 630cd/m2 of brightness under natural light of approx. 100,000 lux.)
The Longer-Shooting Snap-in Battery
Snap-in Battery The VL-Z7's battery snaps snugly out of the way inside the camera's body, where you can leave it even during recharging. This long-life battery gives you the freedom of extended non-stop shooting.
Superb Clarity with 1.33 Megapixel CCD
Whether you're shooting still or moving images, the VL-Z7 does an exceptional job. It features a high-precision 1.33 megapixel CCD to capture every nuance.
Zoom in and Catch the Action
Don't worry if the action is taking place far away from where you are. You can catch it all – in vivid detail – with the VL-Z7's powerful 10x optical and 500x digital zooms.
Zoom Microphone Keeps You Up with the Play
Zoom Microphone Getting the right sound is crucial to the success of your home movie. Hence the option of a zoom microphone on the VL-Z7*. As you adjust the zoom lens to catch your subject, the sound zooms in or out to match.
* The VL-Z7 features a zoom microphone terminal.
Built-in Flash for Superior Light Balance
To reduce the red-eye and help the light balance in your still photos, the VL-Z7 comes equipped with a high-speed flash. This built-in flash can be operated either manually or automatically.
Explore the Possibilities of Night-Time Shooting
Two handy modes make it easier than ever to film at night. The Slow Shutter Mode is perfect for capturing slow-moving or stable images. And the Night Lumi Mode adjusts the aperture to shoot bright objects in the dark. Night-Time Shooting

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