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Sharp: A world leading solar company.

The sun is the answer

Our lifestyles are endangering our environment.

Degradation of the global environment and the depletion of natural resources are some of the most important issues we face today. The amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere by our burning of fossil fuels has created enough air pollution to be a threat to both the environment and our own health. Global warming is gradually melting the polar ice caps and causing sea levels to rise. And as our dependency on harmful carbon-based energy gains speed, the need for a clean, safe, and plentiful alternative energy source grows stronger.

The sun is a clean, safe, and limitless energy source.

On a clear day, solar energy of approximately one kilowatt per square meter reaches the Earth's surface. A single hour of solar energy reaching the Earth would be enough to supply the world's energy needs for an entire year. Harnessing this energy produces no CO2 emissions, it's free, and unlike energy resources buried beneath the ground, solar energy can be found anywhere. But it takes a trustworthy, forward-thinking company to fully tap this bountiful resource.

Sharp contributes to society through its solar business.

Half a century ago, in 1959, Sharp began developing solar cells. As a manufacturer of products that consume electricity, we've always felt it's our responsibility to create electricity as well. No other companies were thinking like that 50 years ago. We were one of the first to realize the potential of solar energy and have continued to develop it ever since. From lighthouses to space satellites to mega solar power plants, Sharp has been providing reliable solar solutions in an effort to free the world from carbon dependency.

Sharp's founder, the man with the solar vision.

Tokuji Hayakawa"If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine." Tokuji Hayakawa, founder of SHARP Corporation

"I believe the biggest issue for the future is the accumulation and storage of solar heat and light. While all living things enjoy the blessings of the sun, we have to rely on electricity from power stations. With magnificent heat and light streaming down on us, we must think of ways of using that blessing. This is where solar cells come in…"
"We cannot store the wind, but we can store heat and light. We should think of ways to convert heat and light to electricity and accumulate it simply and cheaply in storage batteries. For example, if we can install solar systems on roofs, homes could be self sufficient in power. And if we attached such systems to the roofs of cars, we could eliminate our reliance on gasoline and eliminate emissions."
"If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine."

From the autobiography of Tokuji Hayakawa (1970)

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