Sharp at CEATEC 2023! – Unique products such as Haneyasume and Click Display on Exhibit

the Haneyasume healing fan exhibited at the Sharp booth at CEATEC 2023

Sharp Corporation exhibited at CEATEC 2023*1 , Japan’s largest IT and electronics exhibition, held at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) from October 17 to 20 (Tuesday to Friday).

Sharp’s CEATEC booth

*1 CEATEC is one of the largest IT and electronics exhibitions in Japan, hosted by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) and held every October. CEATEC 2023 is expected to attract 600 exhibitors and more than 100,000 registered visitors, with the aim of realizing “Society 5.0,” a society that balances economic development with solutions to social issues, by bringing together people, technology and information from all industries and sectors to envision the future through “co-creation.

SHARP exhibited under the theme of “Next-generation global environment”. Presented were solutions for people, society, and the earth in four exhibition zones—Sharp Carbon Neutrality Achieved through Creation, Storage, and Conservation; Sharp Sustainability; Digital Healthcare; and Original Nature Technology.

■Sharp Booth Exhibits

1.  Sharp Carbon Neutrality Achieved through Creation, Storage, and Conservation

Sharp is constantly working to achieve management that emphasizes ESG. Its variety of initiatives aimed at creating, storing, and saving energy that form the key pillars of our business activities are introduced. Also, specific examples of Sharp’s efforts to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality are on exhibit.

・Zinc–air flow battery (reference exhibit)

Introducing the concept of the zinc–air flow battery, a next-generation energy storage technology that uses zinc as a base metal*2, providing large capacity and a high degree of safety.

Zinc–air flow battery

・“LC-LH” indoor photovoltaic device (reference exhibit)

Exhibiting prototype models equipped with LC-LH that combines dye sensitized solar cells*3 and liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. It won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the CEATEC AWARD 2022 last year.

“LC-LH” indoor photovoltaic device

•”V2H*4 System” EV-linked integrated generation/storage system (reference exhibit)

Introducing Sharp’s efforts in the area of V2H systems, in which electric vehicles, solar power systems, and storage battery systems work together to expand the range of renewable energy utilization in the home.

“V2H System” EV-linked integrated generation/storage system

• “BLACKSOLAR ZERO” residential solar cell module

Exhibiting our flagship solar cell module for residential use, which achieves high load capacity through miniaturization and higher efficiency, and also features a design that blends beautifully with roof designs.

• “COCORO POWER” residential PPA*5 service

Introducing COCORO POWER, a PPA service for newly built homes that allows owners to install solar power systems and storage batteries with no initial cost and use the electricity generated on demand on a flat-rate basis.

• “COCORO ENERGY Eco Membership” taking advantage of environmental value trading

Introducing a service that converts CO2 emissions that can be reduced by the user’s own consumption of electricity generated by photovoltaic power into “environmental value” and returns that value to the user.

• VPP*6/DR services*7

Introducing Sharp’s current status and future efforts regarding VPP and DR services, which are expected to find wide application when using distributed energy resources.

From left to right: Residential solution services (COCORO POWER, COCORO ENERGY, VPP/DR services), BLACKSOLAR ZERO residential solar cell module


• Visible-light-driven photocatalytic materials and their application products; air quality improvement solutions

Exhibit of products utilizing photocatalysts, presenting applications to meet a wide range of needs, including antibacterial and antiviral effects, reducing food loss by preserving freshness, and breaking down hazardous gases.

Air quality improvement solutions by Photocatalyst

 • “ePoster”

Introducing a color model of an electronic paper display that can maintain the screen content with zero watts (0W) power consumption*8.

Electronic paper Display “ePoster”

 • Click Display (industry first*9/reference exhibit)

A unique transparent flexible sensor sheet that distinguishes between “touch” and “press.” Experience a universal UI that is easy to use and provides excellent operability for everyone.

(“Click Display” is also introduced in SHARP Blog. ⇒ What is the”Click Display”, a device of the near future? ① / “Click Display” near-future device ②)

“Click Display”

• Outdoor low-power-consumption reflective LCD signage (reference exhibit)

On display is the world’s largest*10 90-inch reflective LCD signage that features high visibility even outdoors while consuming minimal power.  

Outdoor low-power-consumption reflective LCD signage

*2 Zinc is a metal with large ore deposits and high production volumes, and can be refined relatively easily.
*3 A type of organic solar cell that converts light absorbed by dyes into electricity.
*4 Vehicle to Home. This system allows for integrated operation of three batteries: the on-board EV battery and photovoltaic cells and storage batteries in the home.
*5 Power Purchase Agreement model; also called TPO (Third-Party Ownership) model.
*6 Virtual Power Plant. This system collectively controls many small power generating centers as if they were a single power plant.
*7 Demand Response Service. These are mechanisms aimed at reducing power consumption during peak hours and ensuring a stable supply of power. There is a behavior-inducing type that encourages users to think about how they use electricity, and a device control type that controls each household’s power demand by controlling various hardware devices (storage batteries).
*8 Power is consumed when rewriting the content displayed on the screen.
*9 For a proprietary transparent flexible sensor sheet system that combines capacitive touch and highly sensitive pressure detection functions. As of September 29, 2023; based on Sharp findings.
*10 For low-power-consumption reflective LCD signage for outdoor use. As of September 29, 2023; based on Sharp findings.


2.  Sharp sustainability

Introducing Sharp’s circular economy*11 concept and various initiatives aimed at creating a safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyle.

• Material recycling

In addition to closed-loop material recycling of plastics, we will present new initiatives in upgrading recycling such as for flame-retardant materials.

• Environmentally friendly product development and business activities

Introducing environmentally friendly product development and business activities undertaken by the Sharp Group, including reusing toner cartridges, and presenting company-wide environmentally friendly products and components (including 3R examples).

From left: Material recycling, Environmentally friendly product development and business activities

• AQUOS wish3 smartphone made from recycled plastic

The percentage of recycled plastic materials used in the main body housing has been increased to approximately 60%*12 as a more environmentally friendly model.

Use of Recycled Plastic Materials for Smartphones (AQUOS wish3)

• Disaster preparedness information accessibility solutions (reference exhibit)

In addition to the results of a demonstration experiment conducted this past spring on disseminating disaster preparedness information using AIoT home appliances, a method for new receiving disaster information is also introduced.

Disaster preparedness information accessibility solutions

• Solutions for effective utilization of feminine hygiene products stockpiled for disaster preparedness (femtech) (reference exhibit)

Introducing a proof-of-concept experiment for free distribution of feminine hygiene products using an IoT sanitary napkin dispenser and an inventory management system jointly implemented with Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Solutions for effective utilization of feminine hygiene products stockpiled for disaster preparedness (femtech)

*11 Circular economy refers to a recycling-oriented, resource-conserving economic system. This new system regards raw materials and products that were previously discarded during economic activities as “resources” and circulates them through recycling and reuse.
*12 Sharp’s 2022 AQUOS wish2 model used approximately 35% recycled plastic material.


3.  Digital Healthcare

Sharp is offering a variety of solutions related to digital healthcare that protect and promote healthy living. Health data can be measured without the person being consciously aware of the measurement and will provide solutions optimized for each individual.

• Sleep environment solutions (reference exhibit)

Introducing a home electronic device that can optimally control the bedroom environment according to the user’s sleep state, and create a comfortable sleep space by automatically switching olfactory aromas when falling asleep and waking up.

• Fall prevention solutions (debut exhibition/reference exhibit)

A solution that measures physical and sensory functions using methods that minimize stress on the body to determine fall risk in about one minute’s time. Visitors can experience measurements and also be offered programs for improvement based on the results.

From left: Sleep environment solutions, Fall Prevention solutions

Demonstration of Fall Prevention solution in action

 • Solutions to combat heat impacts

In addition to introducing measures to combat heat-related impacts using our proprietary cold-retention material, we will also present details and the results of tests conducted at schools and construction sites this summer related to these heat-combating solutions.

• Personal nutrition solutions (reference exhibit)

Experience a demonstration that offers menus and recipes suited to a person’s health status based on data such as meal preparation history and the content of voice consultations based on an interactive conversational device.

From left to right: Heatstroke Prevention Solution, Personal Nutrition Solution

4.Original Nature Technology

Presenting Sharp’s 15-year history of Nature Technology, our unique biomimetic technologies that improve the performance of products by drawing inspiration from the structure of living things. In addition, with the aim of expanding the scope of our technologies, we will be exhibiting a prototype called Nature Products, the first to use motion mimetic technology that focuses on the movement of living things.

• Nature Technology 15th anniversary and Haneyasume (debut exhibition/reference exhibit)

Exhibiting the Haneyasume healing fan, which recreates a pleasant natural breeze, modeled after the flapping of an owl’s wings. It has been featured in many media outlets, and many people have stopped by our corner.

From left, the history of Nature Technology, the Haneyasume healing fan

Explaining the Haneyasume healing fan to a customer

the Haneyasume healing fan (movie<Japanese only>)


This year’s exhibition featured many visitors by introducing a number of unique products and initiatives, such as “Click Display,” which that distinguishes between “touch” and “press”, Solutions for effective utilization of feminine hygiene products stockpiled for disaster preparedness (femtech), Fall prevention solutions, and Haneyasume, the first to use motion mimetic technology that focuses on the movement of living things.

To commemorate the 111th anniversary of the company’s founding (date of establishment: September 15, 1912), SHARP will hold “SHARP Tech-Day,” its first large-scale independent technology exhibition event, at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from November 10 (Fri.) to 12(Sun.), 2013.
(⇒ Click here for details of SHARP Tech-Day)

The main stage will feature lectures and talk sessions by leading experts, various events, and opportunities to interact with startup companies and job hunters, making this an event that can be enjoyed by business people, the general public, students, and families, The event is designed to be enjoyable for a wide range of people, from business people to the general public, students, and families. We look forward to seeing you there.

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