Business Philosophy

Charter of Corporate Behavior

With a background of the increasing globalization of economy, expansion of environmental issues, and revelation of diversified social issues, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a fundamental and important factor for corporate management in order for society and companies to jointly realize sustainable development.

Sharp believes that conducting such appropriate and sincere acts as legal compliance and practice of business ethics by each Sharp Group company, including every director, officer and employee, is the basis of promoting CSR.

In 1998 Sharp established "The Sharp Business Standards and Action Guidelines" as the standard of conduct to realize our Business Philosophy and Business Creed of "Sincerity and Creativity". Since then, Sharp has made revisions several times*, taking into consideration changes in the business environment, such as the viewpoint of CSR. Sharp has instituted "the Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior" as principles of corporate action applied uniformly across the entire Group and "the Sharp Code of Conduct" as a standard of action for all directors, officers and employees.

Sharp will always strive to fulfill our social role and responsibility, through having all Sharp Group companies, their directors, officers and employees actively put the Charter and the Code into practice.

*Modified in April 2003, May 2005, April 2010 and January 2015.

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