Sharp History

Sharp 100th Anniversary - A Century of Sincerity and Creativity

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Chapter 1
The Creativity to Found a Company Growing a Business with the Sharp Pencil
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Chapter 2
Making a Fresh Start in Osaka Leading the Age of Radio in Japan
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Chapter 3
Overcoming a Financial Crisis Japan’s First Commercially Produced TV
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Chapter 4
Becoming a Comprehensive Home Appliance Manufacturer Creating New Demand through Products
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Chapter 5
Toward a Comprehensive Electronics Company Advanced Development and Planning Center Built in Tenri
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Chapter 6
Development of the "New Life" Product Strategy Building a Strong Financial Structure
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Chapter 7
Three Challenges in Renovating the Business Structure Creating New Demand by Strengthening Product Appeal
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Chapter 8
Enhancing Key Devices Such as LCDs Using the Spiral Strategy to Build a New Sharp
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Chapter 9
Aiming to Be a One-of-a-Kind Company Issuing the LCD TV Declaration
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Chapter 10
Birth of the “Kameyama Model” Large-Screen AQUOS
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Chapter 11
Promoting Efforts to Make Sharp an Environmentally Advanced Company Restructuring Business by Shifting to Areas Where Sharp Excels
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Chapter 12
Striving to Rebuild Financial Results and Confidence Looking Ahead to the Next 100 Years, Embarking on New Growth
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