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1980 - 1989

  • Announces one-trillion yen initiative
  • Forms Sharp Fellowship Society
  • Launches New Business product strategy under a “new business style” concept
  • Chairman Tokuji Hayakawa passes away
  • Establishes Sharp Business Co., Ltd.
  • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SREC) as manufacturing base in Malaysia (merged into SMM in 2009)
  • Establishes Sharp Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Constructs Shinjo Plant (now Katsuragi Plant) in Nara
  • Constructs mass-production plant for EL displays (starts full-scale operations in 1983)
  • Develops laser diode with VSIS architecture
  • Establishes Sharp (Phils.) Corporation (SPC) as manufacturing base in the Philippines
  • Establishes Sharp Finance Corporation
  • Establishes Sharp-ECD Solar Co., Ltd. as joint venture with Energy Conversion Devices Inc. of the US
  • Sharp multinet system goes online
  • Tokusen Metal Limited Partnership reorganized into Sharp Tokusen Industry Co.
  • Establishes Sharp Engineering Corporation
  • EL displays installed on the Space Shuttle
  • Sharp Manufacturing Company of U.K. (SUKM) starts operations as production division of SUK
  • Holds comprehensive technology exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Appliances Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SRAC) as manufacturing base in Malaysia (ceases operations in 2002)
  • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SRSSC) as sales base in Malaysia
  • Establishes Creative Lifestyle Focus Center
  • Constructs Fukuyama Plant
  • Establishes Sharp Trading Corporation
  • Builds prototype of 3-inch color LCD TV
  • Builds “futuristic electric house” on the grounds of Yao Plant
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Schweiz) AG (SEZ) as sales base in Switzerland
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics GmbH (SEA) as sales base in Austria (merges with SEEG in 2004 to become SEEG Austria Branch)
  • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Sales (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (SRS) as sales base in Singapore
  • Establishes Sharp Electrónica España S.A. (SEES) as manufacturing and sales base in Spain (ceases manufacturing in 2011)
  • Senior Executive Director Haruo Tsuji named president, President Akira Saeki named chairman
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. (SET) as manufacturing base in Taiwan (liquidated in 2010)
  • Launches Liquid Crystal Display Division
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics Sales Corporation
  • Establishes Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Limited (SATL) as manufacturing base in Thailand
  • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (SESL) as kit export base in Singapore
  • Chairman Akira Saeki appointed as corporate advisor
  • Establishes Sharp-Roxy (Hong Kong) Ltd. (SRH) as sales base in Hong Kong
  • The Sharp Columbus, a promotional event boat, cruises the waters of Japan for 18 months
  • Establishes Sharp Corporation of New Zealand Ltd. (SCNZ) as sales base in New Zealand
  • Establishes Sharp Precision Manufacturing (U.K.) Ltd. (SPM) as manufacturing base in the UK (liquidated in 2010)
  • Introduces in-house recruiting system
  • Develops hologram laser unit jointly with Philips International B.V. of the Netherlands
  • Proclaims goal of becoming comprehensive electronics manufacturer on the strength of its optoelectronics technologies
  • Develops world’s first 14-inch color TFT LCD
  • Establishes Sharp Manufacturing France S.A. (SMF) as manufacturing base in France
  • Establishes Sharp Thebnakorn Co., Ltd. (STCL) as sales base in Thailand (name changed to Sharp Thai Co., Ltd. [STCL] in 2007)
  • Establishes Kalyani Sharp India Limited (KSIL) as manufacturing base in India (name changed to Sharp India Limited [SIL] in 2005)
  • Establishes Sharp Manufacturing Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SMM) as manufacturing base in Malaysia

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