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Tokai University Team Equipped with Sharp Solar Cells Takes Part in Global Green Challenge Solar Car Race
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October 24 In today’s time trials, the Tokai Challenger, a solar car developed by the Tokai University Challenge Center team, which is made up mainly of students from Tokai University, recorded a time of 2 minutes and 7.54 seconds on the timed lap, which secured it the fourth starting position.

The car passes the team members during the time trial
At 7:00 a.m., the Tokai University Challenge Center Team arrived at the track testing site at the Hidden Valley Circuit and started preparing for their time trial. The Global Green Challenge time trial is a one-shot deal: after doing an opening lap, vehicles are timed on their second lap. Everyone on the team was visibly nervous during preparation for this time trial. The Tokai Challenger, driven by Kenjiro Shinozuka, was led onto the course by a race official at just after 9:00 a.m. and proceeded to post a lap time of 2 minutes and 7.54 seconds. After the time trial, the Tokai Challenger was put through braking and cornering performance tests, both of which it passed.

After the track testing, Mr. Shinozuka remarked “I was a little nervous just after the start, but I got through it without any incidents. I was able to confirm the car’s potential and am hoping that any major problems during the race will be avoided.”

Immediately after the trials, the team clarified and cross-checked the data gathered from their run and then went to work making adjustments to the vehicle.

The team members also prepared for tomorrow’s race start. This included confirming each member’s role and preparing for the camp stops along the way.

According to team leader Tsuyoshi Takeuchi, “A lot of hard work together has brought us to where we are now. Now we have to confirm our respective roles in the race as we get it together for the race ahead.”

The drivers gather at a pre-race briefing

The Tokai Challenger makes a test run
 October 25

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