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Tokai University Team Equipped with Sharp Solar Cells Takes Part in Global Green Challenge Solar Car Race
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November 4 A meeting held to announce the victory of Tokai University’s Sharp solar cell-equipped entry in the solar car category of the Global Green Challenge 2009, one of the world’s largest solar car races

Presentation shot victory at the Memorial
On November 4, 2009, a meeting was held in the Tokai University Club (in Tokyo) to announce the victory in the solar car category of the Global Green Challenge.

Present to announce the victory were Tokai University President Tatsuro Matsumae and Chancellor Jiro Takano, Professor Hideki Kimura (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokai University School of Engineering), all solar car team members, rally driver Kenjiro Shinozuka, and Sharp Corporation Executive Vice President Toshishige Hamano.

Professor Kimura and student representative Tsuyoshi Takeuchi reported about the race while showing videos of the Tokai Challenger solar car taken along the race route. Kenjiro Shinozuka, one of the car’s drivers and a world-renowned rally driver, expressed his delight at the victory: “The amazing record set in this year’s event was thanks to the students’ hard work and Sharp solar cells.”

Participating in the press conference as the representative of corporate sponsor Sharp, Mr. Hamano congratulated Tokai University on its victory, “For a solar cell manufacturer like Sharp, this is a truly joyous occasion. The race has shown the world the power of Japanese technology, and I believe that this will go down in history as a significant collaboration between industry and academia.”

Hamano Toshishige the Vice President's congratulations to the team, Tokai University
Commemoration plate and the world solar cup
October 31 

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