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Tokai University Team Equipped with Sharp Solar Cells Takes Part in Global Green Challenge Solar Car Race
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October 30 The Tokai Challenger solar car was on display today in Victoria Square in the center of Adelaide. The venue was crowded with locals and members of other race teams.

Appearance of exhibition of the Tokai Challenger by Victorian square
Armed with documents they had prepared beforehand, the Tokai University team members took turns answering the flood of questions on topics such as vehicle speed and solar cell generating capacity.

Comments from the crowd showed the high opinion of the solar car and team members: “This is a fascinating, beautiful car;” and “They have accomplished something truly amazing. We hope we can reach this level someday.”

A photographer who attends the race every year had this to say. “This is the first time a Japanese team has won since 1996. It is fantastic that the Tokai University team was victorious: they drove a fabulous race.”

Meanwhile, the team has been preparing since yesterday for the return to Japan. The students were busily cross-checking items on the customs list they had made in order to confirm the parts and materials they had brought from Japan. Parts were wrapped to be sent back to Japan by cargo ship.

Arriving in Australia from Japan for a victory celebration in the evening was Katsumi Hiraoka, Executive Director, Office of the Chancellor of Tokai University. Besides celebrating their win, team members reflected on the experience and talked about their goals for future races.

Tokai University team that answers various questions concerning amount etc. of power generation of solar battery

Student of Tokai University team that confirms machine parts
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