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Tokai University Team Equipped with Sharp Solar Cells Takes Part in Global Green Challenge Solar Car Race
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October 29 Today was the fifth day of the Global Green Challenge. Following the Tokai Challenger’s first-ever victory in the race the day before, the team members woke up this morning and left the checkpoint on the outskirts of Adelaide just after 8:00 a.m. Kenjiro Shinozuka drove the car to Victoria Square in the center of Adelaide and passed the official race finish line at 9:10 a.m..

The Tokai Challenger that passes finish line by Victorian square
Victoria square was packed with locals and media who had rushed there to join in the victory celebrations. After a photo in the square’s fountain, the team members doused each other with water in jubilation.

Delft University of Technology and the University of Michigan arrived in second and third place, respectively, and the three university team members splashed each other in a tribute to a race well fought. The Tokai University team members expressed their joy with repeated shouts of “Tokai!”

Amidst the team’s high-spirited celebration, the members commented on their experience as the meaning of their victory finally sunk in. “Although there were tough times, we now feel vindicated. We are thrilled to see so many people celebrating with us.” “We are able to stand where we are now thanks to the help of the graduates and our professors. The race was exhausting but the ending was a lot of fun.”

Three teams reached the finish line on this day: Tokai University, Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), and the University of Michigan (U.S.).

You of Tokai University team that celebrates victory each other

You of participation member who praises good fight each other each other
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