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Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional Edition

File Specifications
Operating System Windows® 95
Windows® 98
Windows® 98 Second Edition
WindowsNT® 4.0 Workstation
Windows®2000 Professional
Windows® Me
Windows® XP home Edition
Windows® XP Professional Edition
Software Version Professional Edition Version 1.60
File Name SAPSP160.EXE
File Size 6.1MB
Created Data April, 2004
Language English, Japanese
Applicable Model [English Version]
PG-A10S, PG-A10X, PG-A20X, PG-AN100S,
PG-AN100X, PG-AN200X, PG-C30X, PG-C45S,
PG-C45X, PG-CN300S, PG-CN300X, PG-CN450S,
PG-CN450X, XG-C40X, XG-C50X, XG-C55X,
XG-C60X, XG-CN500X, XG-NV1, XG-NV2,
XG-P20X, XG-P25X, XG-V10W, XG-V10X

[Japanese Version]
XG-C40XJ, XG-C50X, XG-C60X, XG-P10XJ,
XG-P20X, XG-P25X, XG-V10W, XV-N100,
XV-N1500, XV-N800, XV-NV1
Note -

How to Download the Software
1. Create a new folder "sharp" on the hard drive ("C:") of your computer. If a "C:\sharp" folder already exists, create a new folder "sharp1".
2. Click the self-extracting file on this page. The "Open the file" dialog box will appear.
3. Click "Save As" and the "Save As" dialog box will appear.
4. Specify the "Save In" location as the "C:\sharp" folder.
5. Click "Save". The self-extracting file will be downloaded to the "C:/sharp" folder.

How to Install the Software
1. Before installing the updated version of the Sharp Advanced Presentation Software, the existing version on your computer must first be uninstalled. Click "Start", go to "Setting", click on "Control Panel", and double-click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon.
2. In the "Add/Remove Programs properties" dialog box, /scroll through the programs and click the Sharp Advanced Presentation Software. Click on the "Add/Remove" button.
3. Click "Yes" to confirm that you are removing the existing software from your computer. Note Before Uninstallation:
Software uninstallation cannot be done if the existing Sharp Advanced Presentation Software is running. Select "Auto-Launch OFF" in the software and close it before proceeding.
4. Click "Start", click "Programs", and then select ""Windows Explorer". Open the "C:\sharp" folder and double-click the self-extracting "EXE" file in the folder. Select the "C:\sharp" folder as the save location and click "OK". The program files will self-extract and appear in the "C:\sharp" folder.
5. Double-click the "Setup1.exe" file in the "C:\sharp\SAPS_PRO" folder.
6. The Sharp Advanced Presentation Software installation window will appear. Follow the instructions to install the software.
7. When the installation is complete, the files in the "C:\sharp" folder are no longer necessary. Please delete the folder.

Software download
AN-C3CP Version 1.60 (6.3MB)

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