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Sharp Gamma Manager
  Sharp Gamma Manager, the special software for use with the Sharp projector, is equipped with the function to directly adjust the projector's gamma value using a PC. Performing the specifications for the initial settings is easy, allowing for the accurate reproduction of brightness, contrast, and color intensity.

File Specifications
Operating System Windows Vista®
Windows® XP home Edition
Windows® XP Professional Edition
Software Version Version 1.1
File Name SGM110.EXE
File Size 1.8MB
Created Data October, 2006
Language English, Japanese
Applicable Model [English Version]
XG-P610X, XG-P610X-N, XG-PH50X, XG-PH50X-NL, XG-PH70X, XG-PH70X-N,
XV-Z20000, XV-Z21000, DT-5000, XG-C58X, XG-C68X

[Japanese Version]
XG-P610X, XG-P610X-N, XG-PH50X, XG-PH50X-N, XG-PH70X, XG-PH70X-N, XV-Z21000
Note A model file must be imported for each of the following models.
XG-P610X, XG-P610X-N, XG-PH70X, XG-PH70X-N
Refer to the relevant operation manual for further information on importing.

How to Download the Software
1. Create a new folder "sharp" on the hard drive ("C:") of your computer. If a "C:\sharp" folder already exists, create a new folder "sharp1".
2. Click the software file on this page. The "Open the file" dialog box will appear.
3. Click "Save As" and the "Save As" dialog box will appear.
4. Specify the "Save In" location as the "C:\sharp" folder.
5. Click "Save". The software file will be downloaded to the "C:/sharp" folder.

How to Install the Software
Please see the operation manual.

Software download
AN-C3CP Version 1.1 (1.8MB)
AN-C3CP Operation Manual [English] (256KB)
AN-C3CP Operation Manual [German] (656KB)
AN-C3CP Operation Manual [Japanese] (472KB)
AN-C3CP Model File [For XG-PH70X, XG-PH70X-N] (4KB)
AN-C3CP Model File [For XG-P610X, XG-P610X-N] (4KB)

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